New Metal Slug Game Will Launch This Year

It might not be what you expected, however

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During the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2020 over the weekend, SNK announced it is working on a new Metal Slug game with Tencent subsidiary TiMi Studios.

Called Metal Slug Code: J, the game will be a mobile-only experience. The biggest change in the title is its visuals. Unlike other Metal Slug titles and their traditional 2D sprites, Metal Slug Code: J will feature 3D-modeled characters.

The graphics are certainly a departure from what Metal Slug fans are used to. However, the game will still have you play on a 2D plane. More importantly, the gameplay appears to be just as hectic and frantic as gameplay in other Metal Slug titles.

Metal Slug Code: J will launch on iOS and Android by year’s end.

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