Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Will Be a Chungus of a Game

You'll need a beefy PC

Medal of Honor is set to return in a few days with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the series’ first fully virtual reality entry. However, you’ll need to make sure your computer has plenty of space.

According to system requirements released today, you’ll need at least 340GB of space on your computer to download, unpack, and install the game. Once installed, the game will take up 170GB of space. Developer Respawn Entertainment said future updates for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will not be nearly that large.

That said, it will also require a beefy computer to meet minimum requirements, which include the following:

  • Intel Core i7-9700K
  • 16GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 2080

Respawn Entertainment also recommends you install the game on an SSD or NVMe instead of a traditional hard drive. You can still install the game on a hard drive, but expect some sort of performance hit if you do.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will launch December 11 for Oculus VR and on Steam, the latter of which will allow the game to work with the HTC Vive and Valve Index.

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