Mario Golf: Super Rush Pre-Orders Include an Actual Golf Ball

For realsies

In this latest edition of Kinda Cool Pre-Order Stuff, Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi is giving out a real golf ball to folks who pre-order the upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush.

It’s not just a plain golf ball, however. The back features two logos for the game itself and Nintendo, while the front features iconography found in the game. It’s a nice touch that wasn’t necessary at all, but it’s greatly appreciated.

Alas, the golf ball is only available if you live in Australia and pre-order through JB Hi-Fi. Still, it’s arguably the coolest pre-order bonus available for Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Launching June 25 on the Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush features a new Speed Golf mode. You tee off at the same time as other players, then race through the course. You can interrupt other players’ movements as you all run toward your ball. For example, Mario can blow away other players’ golf balls.

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