Mad Catz Shows Off New R.A.T Gaming Mice Lineup!

Legendary gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz has come back from the dead! After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on March 30th, 2017, Mad Catz Global Limited resurfaced on January 4th, 2018 in Hong Kong. As a result of the bankruptcy, all of their assets had been liquidated to pay back their debt. Despite this, the company now owns all of Mad Catz’ original trademarks, and have announced new products at CES 2018

Mad Catz has announced 7 new gaming mice that will become available in Fall 2018, along with the new E.S.Pro+ Gaming Earbuds supposedly becoming available at the same time. The 7 mice are as follows:

R.A.T. 1+

The R.A.T. 1+ is supposed to be an entry level gaming mouse, being lightweight for precise movements, and featuring the iconic R.A.T. adjustable palm rest and 4 programmable buttons.

R.A.T. 2+

The first R.A.T. mouse to feature customizable RBG lighting! The R.A.T. 2+ also features the palm rest and programmable buttons but adds a new sensor called Pixart PMW 3325 that supports much faster movements.

R.A.T. 4+

The R.A.T. 4+ features everything the 2+ offers but includes the industry leading OMRON switches which has a rated lifespan of 20 million clicks!

R.A.T. 6+

The R.A.T. 6+ is where things start to get serious. We get the same features as the R.A.T. 4+, but we get 9 programmable buttons (from the previous 4), a new adjustable weight system, and a new “three-stage chameleon lighting” which features 3 separate lighting segments on the mouse that react to button presses, and finally we get upgraded OMRON switches rated to a 50 million click lifespan.

R.A.T. 8+

The R.A.T. 8+ has the same features as the R.A.T. 6+ but gives us an upgraded adjustable palm rest and features an adjustable thumb and optional pinky supports. It also provides a new memory system, allowing gamers to save up to three user profiles. These profiles save desired macros, sensor settings, and lighting options, designed specifically for professional gamers traveling between tournaments.

R.A.T. Pro S3

The R.A.T. Pro S3 has a lightweight build that Mad Catz says is “focusing on the essentials that many professional gamers demand”, featuring the powerful Pixart PMW 3330 sensor, with the R.A.T. 8+ OMRON switches, fully adjustable palm rest, and once again featuring the Chameleon lighting system.

R.A.T. Pro X3

Mad Catz touts that the R.A.T. Pro X3 is the peak in gaming mice, designed to last a lifetime. Focusing on customization, the Pro X3 is built upon a magnesium alloy chassis, coated in a hydrophobic coating, including a brand new scroll wheel which is said to use “optical technology and analog axis capability”, which will allow the wheel to tilt side to side, giving gamers a never before seen analog strafe system to give you the edge. The Pro X3 also features the adjustable palm/thumb/pinky supports and even the feet of the mouse adjust to surface tension. The mouse is specifically designed to be future proof, allowing components to pop off with a click, removing the need to buy a brand new mouse when newer sensor technologies come out.

E.S.Pro+ Gaming Earbuds

The previously mentioned E.S.Pro+ Gaming Earbuds are designed to give gamers a full headset experience within the form factor of earbuds, being incredibly lightweight, along with other features such as customizable sizes and a dual microphone system to give crystal clear audio while chatting online.

You can visit the Mad Catz site here to look at all their products, such as keyboards and mouse pads.

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  1. Is there any known release date for the Pro X3? I’ve been waiting to purchase this since that January announcement and I’m still unable to find ANY info on an approximate date of release

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