Logitech G815 Review

Is It Worth Your Money?

On a personal level, trying to find the “perfect” keyboard typically ends in frustration. I am incredibly picky when it comes to my technology and I can find the slightest of flaws, ultimately ruining my experience. Over the last month, I tried the Logitech G513, Razer Blackwidow Elite, and the Fnatic Ministreak. For 99 percent of the world, these keyboards would be just fine; however, in my OCD lens, I could not get past tiny imperfections, jeopardizing my enjoyment with the tech.

Logitech G815

Enter the Logitech G815. A stunningly beautiful piece of kit, the G815 appears to have reversed my failing trend of keyboard purchases. Logitech decided to go in a slightly different direction than the majority of mechanical keyboards in 2020, building the base on a very low platform. When I took the keyboard out of the box, I was surprised at the sleekness of the build; the G815 is definitely a looker. As a full sized keyboard with some additional space on the left for programmable keys, you will definitely need a little bit of room for the G815. In an era where TKL are becoming more and more popular, the G815 is a trend-buster.

The keyboard features the typical RGB options that you will see on pretty much anything RGB in 2020. I have a Logitech webcam and speakers, all of which are easily controlled and synced up through the Logitech G-Hub. Adding the G815 to my setup provided easy access to sync the devices and allow them to connect the lighting options. The colors on the G815 are very vibrant and crisp; however, the RGB only illuminates the top section of keys with two icons, which is a bit of a bummer. The keyboard provides multiple options for recording your personal macros, standard media functions, and a volume wheel. While the wheel appears to be bumpy, it rolls incredibly smooth. For those of you who prefer some type of feedback in your scrolling, the wheel may be a touch annoying, but it works just fine. If you wish to take advantage of the USB passthrough on the keyboard, the G815 will require two USB ports on your machine.

Logitech G815 scroll wheel

Features aside, the G815 screams performance with each key press. Logitech fitted the keyboard with their GL keys in linear, tactile, and clicky options. When I tried the G513 a month or so ago, I went with the linear Romer-G switches. For the price, those switches did not meet my needs; the keys felt very squishy, almost nearly mimicking the experience of a membrane keyboard. On the G815, I opted for the tactile switches as I missed the “bump” from older mechanical keyboards. The keys are buttery-smooth; you feel the tiny click of activation with each stroke. I have always preferred typing on laptop keys due to the very short travel distance, and the G815 feels like a giant laptop keyboard of magnificent quality. For all of the mechanical keyboards I have went through in the last year, the G815 may be the quietest I have used, which helps a ton while streaming.

I do struggle to find faults with this keyboard outside of the illumination concern. The biggest hurdle for the consumer is the price. Currently, Logitech advertises the price at $199.99 on their website, which is an incredibly high ask for the standard consumer. I paid a few dollars less on Amazon, but finding this keyboard for cheap will likely not happen unless used ones flood the market. If you are willing to pay a premium fee and have a desire to stay within the Logitech ecosystem, the G815 is an easy recommend. If price factors into your purchase decision, you may have to look elsewhere.

I happily recommend the G815 to anyone in the market for a great mechanical keyboard.

Logitech G815

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Logitech G815





  • Sleek Build
  • Awesome Typing Experience
  • Very Customizable
  • Quiet To Use


  • Very High Cost
  • RGB Does Not Fully Illuminate
  • Scroll Wheel May Bother Some

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