Legion Y44w-10 Ultrawide Monitor Review

An Ultrawide Suited For All

For the better part of my life, I have lived with a dual monitor setup. I spent hours researching how to align the monitors for maximum productivity, but would always second guess myself. Should I have one in the center and another angled to my left? Should I push them both together and make it a giant screen? When I made the decision to go ultrawide, the Lenovo Legion 44w-10 ensured those questions no longer had to be answered.

Before settling on the Legion 44w-10 (I will just call it the Legion the rest of this article), I did a fair bit of research. The other major competing monitor in this price range was the Samsung CRG9, a 49-inch mammoth of a screen with 5120×1440 resolution, pushing a previous version of the Samsung to even higher levels. At one point, I was all but convinced that the CRG9 would be my new monitor; even having it added to my Amazon cart and stopping just short at the checkout link. My biggest concern with Samsung’s monitor was the inconsistency with reviews; some people said it was amazing, others reported problems. I also had a fear that my 1080ti would not be able to maximize the experience, as the CRG9 is a resource-hog. The Legion does not push the resolution as far, maxing out at 3840×1200; however the monitor runs at 144hz refresh, compared to the Samsung’s 120. The reviews on the Legion, as limited as they were at time of purchase, were glowing.

To no surprise, the box could barely fit my room. The Legion came well-packed with everything individually wrapped and the monitor secured inside. One of my biggest fears was the installation of the monitor, as I read horror stories about assembling the CRG9. The Legion makes everything a breeze; there is an adjustable stand which clamps into the rather large base. The stand has a base that essentially clips into the back and snaps in, minimizing the steps to assembly. The Legion also comes with something I have not seen before; an attachable Harmon Kardon RGB speaker sitting in the base. While I do not need to use the packaged speaker, this is a great option for those who want something simple to clamp on to the monitor.

Lenovo Legion Y44w-10

Out of the box, the Legion looked great. The only major adjustment I made was to bump up the saturation levels for colors to pop just a bit more. Otherwise, the image is sharp and the brightness is powerful, even at low levels. I struggle to contextualize the benefits of an ultrawide monitor compared to a dual-monitor setup. The lack of the bezels from the monitors in the middle of my desk is very welcomed. The monitor also allows users to attach multiple cables (HDMI, DisplayPort) in order to configure different virtual setups; however, I am using the DisplayPort solo and not running into issues. Getting used to the different settings on the monitor took a bit of time and is not the smoothest setup, but gets the job done.

I tested Doom Eternal on the Legion and had a smile ear-to-ear after getting the settings right. Being able to truly explain how a high-end game looks on the monitor is tough; you just have to see for yourself. The experience on a PS4 (or other game consoles) will not be as magical. I fired up TLOU2 and the general setting stretched the game out and warped everything a little bit. For some, it may work just fine; for me, it did not. I ended up downsizing the ratio on the monitor and got a much cleaner picture with giant black bars on each side. For a lot of games, the monitor will be too much to handle and the viewer will be left with the bars. This is not a product of the Legion; rather, ultrawide monitors in general suffer with this issue.

Lenovo Legion Y44w-10

As a rookie to the ultrawide game, I could not have chosen a better monitor. The Legion fits everything I needed: productivity, ease of use, and the “wow” factor. My room is a bit on the smaller side and I do not have a giant desk; anything bigger could have been problematic. The width of the Legion feels perfect to me; anything larger could have caused me to constantly have to rotate my neck to see everything. Other than the very minor gripe of cumbersome inputs, the Legion fulfilled my hopes. Not only that, I was able to secure a deal on the website, paying around $950 for the monitor. For a product of this quality, the price is hard to beat. I strongly recommend the Legion for those in the market for a great ultrawide monitor.

Disclaimer: I purchased the Legion Y44w-10 for myself. Back to the Gaming was not in contact with Lenovo for this review so they will see it the same as you.

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