Konami Will Not Be At E3 2021

It's busy on several 'key projects'

Although several companies have committed to E3 2021, don’t count Konami as one of them.

In a statement posted on Twitter yesterday, Konami announced it will not attend this year’s gaming convention. However, the company said it’s working “on a number of key projects.”

One of those projects is rumored to be a revival of the Silent Hill series. Other rumors include a second Metal Gear Solid remake and Konami Spain teasing titles headed to the Nintendo Switch.

E3 2021 will take place virtually from Saturday, June 12 through Tuesday, June 15. Big names like Square Enix, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Xbox will have a presence at this year’s event, alongside various other large and small studios. E3 2021 will be free for anyone who wants to virtually attend, with registration opening later this spring.

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