Kikr S1 Wireless Charging Stand Review

My new favorite phone stand

I’ll be honest: I’m not much of a phone stand person. When I’m at my desk, I lay my phone right next to my keyboard and pick it up if I need to change a song or send a message.

Enter the Kikr S1, which looks to stand out from the rest by not being just another phone stand. Let’s take a look at what makes the Kikr S1 unique and why it’s now my favorite phone stand.

Disclaimer: This review was written following several weeks with the Kikr S1. Kikr provided no compensation for this review. Kikr provided the S1 for review, but was not provided with copy approval rights or an early preview of this review.

Double life

Kikr S1 stand from the front

When I said the Kikr S1 wasn’t just another phone stand, I mean that literally. It can prop up your phone or tablet, but it also can wireless charge your devices.

The Kikr S1 has two wireless charging surfaces: the base with the Kikr logo, and the gray non-slip surface. You connect your USB-C power adapter to the USB-C port on the back of the Kikr S1, and voila: wireless charging. As a nice bonus, you can extend the rubber feet to accommodate larger phones.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. The charge will depend on how fast your power adapter is. As such, it’d be a good idea to use a Quick Charge 2.0 or Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter to get the higher charging speeds.

Close shot of the soft padding

Also, be aware of the phone you have. For example, the latest iPhones top out at 7.5W wireless charging if you don’t use Apple-approved MagSafe chargers. My Pixel 3 XL supports up to 10W wireless charging, but anything other than the Pixel Stand won’t deliver those speeds to my phone.

That’s not a knock against the Kikr S1, but the charging lights on the base is. When plugged in, the Kikr S1’s two LED lights on the base come to life. The lights are green when the charging pads aren’t in use, turn blue when in use, and turn red either when your device finishes charging or doesn’t support wireless charging.

Because the lights are in my periphery, they can be distracting at times. They also prevent me from placing the phone stand next to my bed at night, since the lights are rather bright. I wish there was a switch to turn the lights on or off, but I understand the lights serve as visual indicators.


Kikr S1 stand lowered

The best thing about the Kikr S1 is its flexibility. In no particular order, here’s what I’ve found:

  • You can adjust the two hinges at the same time
  • You can extend the rubber feet
  • You can extend the stand

It doesn’t sound like much, but it allows for several scenarios. You can extend the rubber feet to make room for larger phones. You can extend and lower the stand to accommodate a tablet and support its weight. The adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the aforementioned stand.

The Kikr S1’s flexibility made me happy, and I wasn’t too bothered with how stiff the hinges are. Although it can be a bit of a pain to adjust the stand, rubber feet, and hinges, I understand the stiffness is there to prevent everything from falling apart. I do wish things felt smoother to adjust, but I’m happy with the final result.


Pixel 3 XL on the Kikr S1 stand

The Kikr S1 converted me into someone who uses phone stands, and I’m happy with that. The flexibility, combined with the wireless charging capabilities, make the Kikr S1 a unique proposition for those who like to prop their phones or tablets on a desk.

It’s not perfect — you’ll need to be aware of the power adapter and phone you use, and the hinges are very stiff. That said, those are nitpicks in the long run. The Kikr S1 has become a permanent fixture on my desk and I don’t see it being replaced anytime soon.

The Kikr S1 is live on Kickstarter. The Early Bird tier offers the Kikr S1 for ~$39, with normal pricing set at ~$57.90. The Kikr S1 will start shipping February 2021, assuming there are no setbacks with production.

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