The Situation With Journey to the Savage Planet on Google Stadia Is a Mess

No patch in sight

Available for free to Stadia Pro subscribers, Journey to the Savage Planet is one of the few Google-owned titles. Unfortunately for subscribers, the game is also an example of what happens when a company puts itself between a rock and a hard place.

Depending on who you are, you may have experienced a string of bugs with the game. Whether it’s the game freezing in the main menu or the game crashing altogether, Google Stadia subscribers have reported (and are still reporting) numerous issues with Journey to the Savage Planet.

Unfortunately, those hoping for patches shouldn’t hold their collective breath.

Google purchased Journey to the Savage Planet developer Typhon Studios in 2019, then placed it under its Stadia Games and Entertainment (SG&E) banner. However, Google announced in early February it shut down all internal game development.

This means Typhon Studios went defunct along with the rest of SG&E. This also means no one is around to fix what’s broken with Journey to the Savage Planet.

It’s not like folks can just mod the game and create some fixes on their own, either. Because the game files are stored somewhere on a server farm, you can’t troubleshoot the problems yourselves.

It’s a bad situation that ultimately leaves players high and dry. Also, it’s a reminder to maybe not let go of the only folks able to patch a game recently published on your platform.

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