Introducing Brawl, a new Commander inspired Magic format

One of the most popular Magic formats is easily Commander, especially amongst the casual crowd. There’s always something so satisfying about creating some new crazy deck based around a legendary creature, and getting to use all the old cards that you have just laying around. Now, Wizards is shaking things up with a new competitive format that is designed to introduce players to the world of Commander, called Brawl.

Commander is basically a community founded and driven format, which technically doesn’t have a rulings committee run by Wizards. Almost twenty years ago a group of judges started a casual format called EDH or Elder Dragon Highlander, where they were using the original Elder Dragons from Legends, and building singleton decks around them. The format gradually grew and became incredibly popular amongst the community. Basically, you choose a legendary creature and make a one hundred card deck based on its color pairings. You can only use single copies of cards other than basic lands, but there is a banned list for the format. Wizards of the Coast supports this format though, and releases Commander products every year to give players new cards, and reprint some needed cards.

Now, the differences between Commander and Brawl are pretty interesting. For one, Brawl Standard-legal format, so when cards rotate out of Standard, then they will rotate out of Brawl. Another interesting thing though, is that you can use a legendary creature or a planeswalker as your commander. This is a nice change, as there are some pretty interesting planeswalkers currently Standard legal, and could make for some fun commanders. Decks also only need sixty cards, not one hundred, and life totals are thirty life and not forty like regular Commander. So far it sounds pretty good, and while rotation kind of stinks, I think this is a good way to get into Commander, and a great way to start building decks that you could add to once they rotate out of the format and make them playable for regular Commander.

This is a pretty interesting move by Wizards, and with the release of the new set Dominaria, there are going to be a ton of new legendary cards in Magic to be used as commanders. Does this sound interesting, worth giving a shot? Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to be brewing for Brawl!

Source: Wizards of the Coast website

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