High Score Girl Anime Gets Game Companies Support

Many gaming companies have given the High Score Girl 2018 anime release their support, along with SNK Playmore which sued back in 2014 for copyright violations.

The weekly podcast Manga Machinations Japanese host that goes by Dakazu reported that support was posted by Capcom and SNK Playmore along with many other studios on the Japanese site for the High Score Girl anime. (The website is in Japanese but Google Chrome can translate it to English). After many years the High Score Girl anime that was announced in 2013 is scheduled after a long time of legal troubles.

High Score Girl has been a long-running manga based on fighting games that started in 2010, written by Rensuke Oshikiri, with an anime that was announced in 2013. A production company in Tokyo contacted SNK Playmore about using the characters and sounds from Samurai Showdown in an anime adaptation of High Score Girl. SNK Playmore then allegedly discovered that Square Enix was using characters in copyright infringement, which in turn led to them asking Square Enix to stop selling all copies of High Score Girl. When no response was given, SNK Playmore pressed charges, leading to a police search of the Square Enix offices for signs of illegal use of game characters.

Shortly after Square Enix recalled all print copies and stopped all digital sales of High Score Girl on their own accord to avoid any more troublesome situations. The manga was still serialized in Square Enix’s manga magazine titled Monthly Big Gangan. At the end of the volumes, there is a list of companies that Square Enix has received permission from for use of their characters with the © to show that the companies own their respective characters. SNK Playmore says that they were not contacted for permission like the others on the list. At the time ITmedia News contacted Capcom, Bandai Namco Games, and Sega, confirming that they gave their consent for the use of their game’s characters in the manga and anime. Sega later noted that consent was given after one of their characters were featured in the manga.

In 2015 all charges towards Square Enix were dropped when SNK Playmore, after Chinese holding company Ledo Millennium Co., Ltd buys majority stock at 81.25% of SNK Playmore’s shares. The Osaka police received documents from SNK Playmore stating that all charges are dropped and Square Enix can continue selling High Score Girl once again. In return, SNK Playmore had a counterclaim filed against them through the Osaka District Court by Square Enix for confirmation that they did not violate copyrights. Osaka Prefectural Police then filed charges against the author Oshikiri and 15 others from Square Enix’s editorial and publishing departments.

In July 2016 Square Enix released the 6th volume of High Score Girl along with a new revitalized version called High Score Girl CONTINUE which had all of SNK Playmore’s properties removed.


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