Report: Open-World Harry Potter Game Coming in 2021

It'll reportedly launch on next-gen consoles

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According to a Bloomberg report published today, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive and developer Avalanche Software are working on an open-world Harry Potter title.

The game will let you play as wizards attending Hogwarts, a school for young wizards. According to two people currently working on the project, it will launch sometime next year for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and, potentially, other platforms.

Unfortunately, those working on the game have faced numerous external issues. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic means they have to work on the Harry Potter game from home, which make development and testing more difficult. Also, there are rumors of AT&T selling its Warner Bros. video game publishing arm.

There’s also controversy surrounding recent comments from Harry Potter creator and author J.K. Rowling. According to the aforementioned sources, Rowling’s transphobic comments published earlier in June “made some members of the team uncomfortable.” The comments also could lead to tempered anticipation for the upcoming project.

Even with all of these obstacles, the game reportedly remains on track for a 2021 launch. Warner Bros. Interactive reportedly plans to announce the Harry Potter game sometime after August.

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