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I have been fan of Gwent since day one in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It first started as a in-game minigame and became so popular that some player started playing Wild Hunt only because of that card minigame. Now, it is about 2 years on since Gwent was released as it’s own independent game and has been competing to be the best card game out there. (Check out our Witcher Books vs Games article!)

Gwent The Journey


We all know that Gwent is most likely not the number one card game, but it is definitely and without a doubt in the first Top Ten. It is no surprise, of course since it built it’s own fan base which is definitely not small.

But in this article review the most recent expansion for this game called The Journey. I consider myself as one of the biggest fans of The Witcher universe no matter in what form whether it is books, games, board-games or series. Therefore, I felt obligated to review it this new expansion.

Gwent Card Screen


I took a long time to test it and try it as much as I could before reviewing it to make sure that I did not miss anything. While I can not say I am disappointed, I was expecting something way different in this expansion than what I got.

There is a story in the expansions, which tells of Geralt and Dandelion’s new adventure which is very fun and interesting (of course I will not spoil anything about that here) but I still felt that something is missing. To be honest the whole expansion is basically just a new reward system. You will receive after every match some points, reward keys. Once you have enough of points you will be able to unlock a Leader skin, new swords for the Leader skin, and more.

I just expected little bit more of the story line or maybe a different event; something deeper than that. It is very nice and fun expansion, but I could not get rid of the feeling that something is missing. However, I was satisfied when I was able to flex on my opponents with Geralt himself as a leader for my Novigrad Deck and show off the new card back.

Gwent The Journey Geralt Basic


I can say I really enjoy this expansion even if I feel there’s still something missing like a some super secret reward or a surprise from CD Projekt Red as the developer of this game. But if you are looking for more rewards and more showboating in front of your opponents, smaller side storyline of Geralt and Dandelion than this is perfect for you and I can only recommend to all Gwent players out there.

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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game





  • New Reward System
  • New Story Line!
  • Skins, Card Backs and much more


  • Expected Deeper Expansion
  • Only New Visuals Upgrades
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