PS4 Freshens Library for the End of the Month

A whole batch of new releases will be hitting the PSN starting from today.

Between today, the 24th of July, and the 27th many new titles will hit the PS4 shelves.

Persistence, a VR roguelike horror set in space, with an emphasis on stealth, survival and planning. Persistence features the teleport mechanic found in Doom VFR, proven to be a successful motion sickness prevention, as well as a useful way to navigate the environment. With all the sneaking involved, it seems like you will need it. Don’t worry though, you’ll pick up plenty of guns.

Another release that makes my inner child very happy is the PS4 port of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans. Like all Italian children of my generation I have grown up with the duo and their fist-heavy, good-hearted comedy. The brawler follows all the popular releases and naturally turns them into a sidescrawling brawlers with all the slapstick elements. Every move is pulled from one of their movies. Bud Spencer never reacts to hits, as you would expect. You use beans to regain life. It’s a dive into nostalgia, both movie and game-related.

The Council – Episode 3: Ripples will be the new chapter in this 17th century episodic thriller, with its web of intrigue, lies and choices. You will have to step into the shoes of Louis, a man who has been invited to a secret meeting of the titular Council, comprised of a series of head of state luminaries, such as Napoleon Bonaparte or George Washington. You can choose Louis’ background and skills. The game is a Telltale style adventure, with detective elements and a no-return design philosophy, preventing you from mini-maxing conversations. Also, the story has a myriad of branches.

Last but not least, No Man’s Sky Next, a significant update over the original NMS. Graphics have been overhauled, with a less cartoonish palettes and textures, improved NPC models and better shadows. Third person has been added, along with the ability to pick a race and customize your characters. The fauna is also getting a treatment when it comes to AI, animations and sounds. Freighters will become  more accessible. Of course, the most important update focuses on actual multiplayer. No more orbs. You will interact with friends and strangers, helping or murdering, sharing inventory space and building along side others. Xbox One and PS4 players will see if Hello Games have kept at least part of the initial promise.

Time to go to bed and wake up with the lights on the next day, because Remothered: Tormented Fathers is finally coming to PS4. As previously reported by yours truly, Remothered: Tormented Fathers is a tense, atmospheric survival horror, with a lot of old school mechanics. It has been praised upon its PC launch as a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series. Developed by Sicilian team Stormind, the game should be the first part in a heart-pounding trilogy.

The Banner Saga 3 will be arriving on the 26th. The conclusion of mythological vyking adventure, with its great turn based combat, mixed with the beautiful 2D artwork. If you have missed the first two entries in the series, have no fear. The following day will see The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition fill that need.

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