Fortnite Shockwave Grenade – A Week Later

A week ago the Shockwave Grenade, a beefier version of the Impulse Grenade, was released. How much of a blast is it in the actual game?

Last week Epic Games released the Shockwave Grenade into the game. Coming in the Epic variant, the new item blasts you around the map with no fall damage. Is the Shockwave Grenade just Impulse Grenades on steroids? How did they affect the meta of Fortnite? Let’s have a look, one week later. Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG, Guided Missile, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Sniper and Rift-To-Go from previous weeks!

It took me a while to even get the Shockwave Grenade, partially due to the fact that I haven’t played much and partially due to the rarity. When I have gotten the Shockwave Grenades though, I have used them pretty quickly to see exactly what they do. I gotta tell ya, they are fun to use! I was always a big fan of the Impulse Grenades and these are just a bigger, better, and more awesome version of them. You get sent further (or higher) and the blast radius is increased. There is also a detonation sound, which was terrifying at first but is also super cool.

Shockwave Grenades come in a stack of two and with the lack of fall damage, they can be used in replacement for a bounce pad or launchpad. However, the Shockwave Grenade suffers from the same fate as it’s lesser brother. Due to the limited inventory slots, they will quickly be pushed out of the player’s gear when another shield or healing item comes to play.

They also have a delay, just like the Impulse Grenades. This makes escaping still not guaranteed. Also, despite the increase blast radius, the blast doesn’t go through objects consistently, meaning if you hide behind a tree you could be unaffected (if an enemy was using one against you).

Normally this would be it. I would say that the Grenade is fun and balanced but won’t be used often unless you need to escape the storm, have a spare inventory slot, or want to go to trick shots. However, thanks to the popular YouTuber NoahJ456, an exploit has been found with the Shockwave Grenades. If used on a Llama, you will get triple the loot you would normally get. Additionally, if you use them on a chest that has been already opened, you will get another chest loot, thus doubling the loot you’re getting.

This is likely to be patched tomorrow, but at this moment the game is actually broken and glitched with the new Grenades. So in conclusion, once the glitch is fixed, I feel that the Shockwave Grenade will not be used that often unless you want to make flashy plays. As for balance? There is no question they’re balanced.

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