Fortnite Season 5 Silenced AR Analysis

One Week Later - Is it Worth Using?

After a string of new items, Epic Games once again released a new weapon into the arsenal of Fortnite–the Silenced AR. This weapon looks like the Scar, but with a silencer at the end. So did this gun become the better, more silent version or is it something new entirely? Let’s discuss, one week on. Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG, Guided Missile, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Heavy SniperRift-To-GoShockwave Grenades and Grappler from previous weeks!

The Silenced AR comes in epic and legendary variants. It does 32/33 damage and has a slower fire-rate than it’s unsilenced counterpart. In fact, the legendary Silenced AR has the same DPS and reload time as the rare AR.

Unlike in previous breakdowns, I decided to go into the Playground LTM and get some data. After fifteen minutes with most of Tilted Towers looted, I was finally able to find what I was after. My inventory consisted of a rare Burst, rare AR, epic Scar and legendary Silenced AR. I shot the walls around the building and found that the Silenced, despite the rarity increase, took one extra bullet to destroy a wall.

I decided to see if there was any falloff to this damage as well. I built all the way across Tilted Towers and built a 1 story 1×1 (four walls and a stair). While the number of bullets it took increased (as to be expected) with both the silenced and unsilenced Scar, the difference of one bullet remained consistent. Unfortunately, I was alone in the Playground so I wasn’t able to look at the player damage, but building-wise, always expect one more bullet.

The silencer itself sounded amazing with the bass. Whether it’s actually good for its’ purpose though? I’m not so sure. With my lack of actual PvP, I have no clue how it sounds on the outside, so to speak.

Overall I think this gun is balanced but I also see it as pointless. Maybe if you were wanting to go for a zero kill game or wanted to win as a bush I could see the use, otherwise, if you’re playing a normal game, you have a more silent version of a blue AR. Are you going to pick a legendary Scar or a blue AR?

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