Fortnite Heavy Sniper Update – A Week on.

It's been a week since Epic Games released the Heavy Sniper. What impact has it had on the game?

After a weird Wednesday update rather than the usual Tuesday, Epic Games released their new weapon into the Fortnite world–the Heavy Sniper. This new sniper comes in the Epic and Legendary rarity, and it hits like a truck. Let’s have a look at how the Heavy Sniper has affected the game, one week on. Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG, Guided Missile and Double-Barrel Shotgun from previous weeks!

Epic Games did us a favor by releasing the new version of Sniper Showdown at the same time as the Heavy Sniper was released. This increased the chances of seeing, hearing and obtaining one to play with and test out. It seems to be a pattern in Season 5 that Epic Games are releasing Epic and Legendary versions of guns–the Compact SMG, Guided Missile, and Double-Barrel shotgun also being said rarities. It’s almost as if they know their weapons are going to be overpowered…

In all seriousness, the Heavy Sniper isn’t overpowered, at least in my eyes. The damage is insane, the sound is frightening and it destroys buildings. However, with a reload speed slower than a building hotfix, it counters the damage well. While the building destruction is nice, would I use a slow sniper bullet or a rocket? I’ll let you answer that.

Now, the damage is something that can be disputed. If your enemy has 100 health and 50 shield health, regardless of where you hit them, you will one-shot them. If you don’t, you’re extremely unlucky and likely hit them through a wall. A headshot, regardless of health and shield, will always kill. Some may not see that as fair, but a Legendary or Epic Bolt Action will one-shot in the head anyway, so I don’t feel it’s an issue. 

While it’s not a proper effect for the game, can we appreciate the sound the Heavy Sniper makes? If you’re not paying attention, you will jump through your skin at the sound. The bass, the depth and the volume of it is perfect and suits the gun to a tee.

Overall, I feel the Heavy Sniper is in a good place. It hasn’t broken the game like the Compact SMG did on release and it certainly isn’t underwhelming like the Guided Missile. If there was anything that Epic had to tweak, I would suggest the damage to structures, but I personally do not find that as a big deal. After all, a rocket is always going to do that job better and with the chance of splash damage, I would prefer that 100% of the time. As for the actual sniping? High damage, low fire rate. It’s what a 50-caliber weapon should do. If you miss your shot, you’re likely going to be seeing a rapid 1×1 being built. If you hit, you get a kill. Simple as that.

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