Five Games That Deserve Sequels

If We Ever Get These Sequels... It Won't Be Any Time Soon

Have you ever played a game and are left wanting more, only to wait twenty years for a sequel that never comes? Ever had that exact experience? ‘Course you have! We all have. Here are five games that deserve sequels… but may never get them.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Released in 2010 by Remedy (Max Payne, ControlAlan Wake was met with enthusiastic reviews. The story follows titular character Alan Wake, a once successful crime writer, as he goes on holiday with his wife to clear his head. However, as soon as he arrives at Bright Falls, weird things almost directly from a Stephen King novel occur.

Before long, his wife is gone, snatched by a dark shadow. Alan wakes (see what I did there?) a week later in his crashed car, wondering what the hell happened. To find Alan’s wife, you’ll have to fight the dark itself as it possesses the inhabitants of Bright Falls and drives them against you, tracking the story of a book he doesn’t remember writing. If none of this makes you excited, then I don’t know what will. The gameplay is suitably awesome but can get a little bit repetitive towards the end.

So why hasn’t it got a sequel? Well, it was meant to, with thirteen minutes of gameplay even being shown off. Sadly, Remedy didn’t feel capable of making the sequel we all wanted and with the relative success of their latest game, Control, it may be a while before we see Alan Wake again.

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Released in 2016 by Obsidian (Pillars Of Eternity, The Outer Worlds), Tyranny is your archetypal RPG with a pretty significant twist. You’re the bad guy. In a world where the malevolent Kyros has won their conquest, you play as a Fatebinder serving the will of Kyros. The game immediately throws you into this world by actually letting you determine your involvement in the subjugation of the last free country, the Tiers. These decisions will then determine how factions in the game, both allied with or against Kyros, will perceive you. The lore in this game is pretty damn fascinating with a deep exploration of evil and villainy.

While the gameplay is a bit naff, the writing is neat. One noteworthy gameplay feature is the ability to craft your own spells. The ending of Tyranny was super abrupt, leaving things open for a sequel. However Obsidian have moved on to bigger things with Grounded and Avowed, so we probably won’t be getting a sequel anytime soon.

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Deadpool on a rocket

I’m gonna say it: I’m not a fan of the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool films (don’t shoot me!). What I am a fan of, however, is the Deadpool game. Released in 2013 and published by Activision (I know, bear with me) the game is a bit of a mess. The gameplay is repetitive and somewhat boring, and the graphics leave something to be desired. So why am I a fan? Nolan North voices Deadpool (and his two internal monologues) and it’s bloody hilarious. Seriously, this game is side-splittingly funny, off-the-wall crazy and truly befitting of Deadpool’s legacy. A sequel would be a chance to iron out the gameplay and visual style to make the game as fun to play as it is to listen to. Sadly, this game has mostly been forgotten — so I doubt we’ll ever get a sequel.

You can play Deadpool on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Kathy Rain

kathy rain

Here’s one for the list that you probably haven’t heard of.

Developed by Clifftop Games and published by Raw Fury, Kathy Rain is a point and click adventure game. The story in this one is very Twin Peaks inspired, and the overall atmosphere is full of supernatural mystery straight out of an episode of X-Files. I personally enjoyed this game despite not being a fan of point and click games, and would love a sequel. Clifftop Games have moved on to Whispers of a Machine though, so I’m not sure we’ll get one.

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Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness

TR: Angel of Darkness

And finally, for this list, I’m going to cheat a little bit. None of the other games on this list are part of a franchise. They’re all solo games with no follow-ups. However Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness is a sequel itself. So why is it here? Because Angel Of Darkness was supposed to be the first part of a trilogy of games.

Sadly, this dream was scuttled by the game’s poor critical reception and middling profits. In fact, this game saw the end of the original Tomb Raider franchise, with publisher Eidos taking away the license from England-based Core Design and giving it to California-based studio, Crystal Dynamics. So you’re probably thinking this game is a dumpster fire — and you may be unfortunately right. However, this game is still something special.

In terms of its gameplay, it’s no far cry from the previous entries, with the notable exception of tons of bugs. Its story isn’t much better either. It’s disjointed and crudely pieced together with lots of content being cut. However, the idea behind the story and its atmosphere are amazing, with a much darker Lara. A remaster for Angel of Darkness would bring all the game’s potential out and make it one of the best Tomb Raider games. Sadly, the franchise has moved on to Crystal Dynamics’ reboot trilogy, and so have most of the fans but I can always dream.

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