Final Fantasy XV Deck Tech

A Prince, His Retainers, and His Kingsglaive

Welcome to my Opus XI version of the Final Fantasy XV Deck Tech. Opus XI gave us a lot of new tools to work with in regards to the Final Fantasy XV Deck and I’ve had a grand time implementing them. This is actually a deck I used in the World of Ruin OCTGN tournament run by the RVA Returners. I’ve made some minor tweaks to the numbers of certain cards but the unique cards that I used are all present and accounted for. So, how does it play? Have a look!


Decklist from FF Decks


You can watch all my specific thoughts in the video.  And here is a link the deck itself on FFdecks.

Here is a link to the deck:

Libertus! Libertus! LI-ber-TUS! LI-ber-TUS!


Also if you wish to purchase any of these cards, I’d highly recommend TCG Player.  It’s a great website that lets you buy directly from all sorts of different stores from across the nation.  It also gives you access to their foil and non-foil versions.

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