FFTCG Rule Change: Don’t Burn Away My Protection

Minwu, Cu Chaspel, and the Foolish Final Aeon

With the release of Opus XI we had a FFTCG rule change of which I’m not a big fan.  I’m talking about the change to forwards that were not able to receive certain types of damage. I’d like to discuss the changes to cards like Minwu with the introduction of Cu Chaspel and Braska’s Final Aeon and why I think it was handled poorly.



Cu Chaspel was a new fire back up released with a brand-new effect. That effect being the ability to turn off damage reduction for a turn. Based on just reading the card this would hurt cards such as Thancred (5-107H) and Cagnazzo (3-130R). Both cards have built in damage reduction effects and Cu Chaspel would make those ineffective when its action ability goes off. However, what it would not affect are cards like Y’shtola (5-068L) and forwards under the protection of the back up Minwu (1-171H). Both of these cards have damage prevention effects. Minwu prevents non-lethal damage, and Y’shtola prevents summon or ability damage. So, you would think that these cards would be immune to the Cu Chaspel effect. And they were…until they weren’t.


Enter the Kageyamarrata.


You can read the full article at that link but the gist of it is they completely changed how cards that “don’t receive damage” work. These cards now do receive damage, that damage is now reduced to 0 in their qualifying circumstances. So, in essence, this changes almost nothing in regard to how these cards play with all their current interactions. However, they are now susceptible to the no reduction powers of both Cu Chaspel (11-004C) and Braska’s Final Aeon (11-015L). Personally, I hate this change. In general, I don’t like when there is a rule in place and years later the developer decides, “Uh, it works totally different now!” I find that lazy and it feels wrong. My biggest issue with this is how it will affect a lot of cards that didn’t need to be hit with this change.

It feels like this change was done to address Minwu and Y’shtola, two cards that have always given fire a lot of issues. I like both cards and I think they need to be in the game. Fine, let’s say, that fire needed a way to address them. My problem is all the other cards that are now worse because of this. I’m going to use Braska’s Final Aeon as my primary point.

Overall, I like the design of this card. It’s costly but with some really strong effects. His 10000 burn on attack is his Coup De Grace and will even trigger when he’s chosen by something. My big issue is the line of text, “Deal it 10000 damage. This damage cannot be reduced.” This is overkill. It’s a 10000 burn! There are very few things would live through that. The fact it can’t be reduced or blocked or prevented at all is, frankly, dumb.  Let’s look at some non-Y’shtola/Minwu cards this impacts.

The Cards that Suffer



The biggest allure of Rosa (9-120L) is the board wide damage reduction. It will never save you from overwhelming force but it can turn an even trade to your favor. BFA says nope to that! Even a Rosa with a Wakka out would still die to that damage outright, why remove the resistance effect on top of it? Poor Cecil has enough trouble seeing play as is. Now he can’t even protect his board against the one thing at which he’s supposed to be good. Cecil already has drawbacks built into him with his forced ability to block. To have a new card that takes away his positive side while leaving him with his downside just doesn’t seem to work.



What about Rem? That card’s damage barrier is what makes her so resilient. Again, even without the “You can’t be reduced because I said so!” effect, Rem would still die to 10000 damage. In a Cadets deck with Maria or Deuce out, she could gain enough power to withstand the blow if her shield worked. Give her some chance, don’t just make their power completely irrelevant.  Sieghard is one of my favorite new Earth cards. If his shield was not made a joke by BFA, then in Mono Earth with Enna Kros, a Sieghard could actually survive the BFA trigger. Instead he is destroyed and this fire legend needs to feed! So Sieghard can just go sit on the bench with the other gang.

I wanted to give Kain his own section. His design is great. He is a 3CP 5k body which is pretty under curve.  But he’s given the upside of not only Haste, but also, “Kain doesn’t receive any damage except battle damage.” Not to mention the Special for good measure. This gave him some very sneaky applications. He wasn’t a huge threat in combat, but that was the only way he could be dealt with. To have a card in the very next Opus come out that just says, “Nah, you blow up now” seems completely antithetical to what this card is supposed to be.

My Closing Thoughts

Were all these cards really meant to be invalidated by BFA and Cu Chaspel? What about Cockatrice(5-081C)? Or Mist Dragon(9-068H)? These summons are now also useless against these new fire effects. It feels like in an effort to curb two cards that always gave fire some trouble they have also made so many other cards weak to it as well. I don’t like hard counters in games and to me that is what BFA feels like. Was the answer to this issue really to make a card that just invalidates everything that ever gave it trouble? Again, that BFA already does a 10000 burn on attack, which is so much overwhelming damage, that most anything will die to it outright. The fact that you aren’t even allowed to have some form of protection, some way to reduce that damage, even by a little bit feels like a pretty bad design.

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