Fallout 76’s New PvP Mode Detailed

Wait people still play this?

Fallout 76’s new PvP mode, creatively named Survival, is coming later this year. Bethesda has said it will offer a more focused and challenging PvP experience. Survival mode will launch in beta (of course), and will feature the same quests and story of the base game, but will remove PvP restrictions.

All players will be classified as hostile by default and players will no longer have to mutually agree to fight, but rather be open to attack at any time. Rewards and consequences for PvP will also be increased, offering increased cap rewards for the victor, and restricting the spawn of the loser to Vault 76 or their camp.

Bethesda also says that leaderboards will come to Survival mode in Fallout 76. Players will be able to see where they stand compared to their friends and other players in their specific world. All this news came alongside details of the next major patch, Patch 5, which is expected to launch at the end of January. Patch 5 comes with unspecified bug fixes and improvements based on fan feedback including hotkey improvements for AZERTY keyboards, and a “Known” tag for learned recipes and plans.

A larger aspect of Patch 5 focus on changes to two legendary mods, the Two-Shot and Explosive mods, which have been a bugbear for players. The balance changes will make these mods less powerful, with the damage bonus for Two-Shot being reduced from +100% to +25%, and the damage bonus for Explosive being reduced from +100% to +20%.

The current wave of patches comes after negative fan feedback and Bethesda promising to fix the game going forward. Players interested in shaping future patches can post in the forum thread for event feedback, where player feedback will be used to adjust future patches (allegedly). Fallout 76 is currently available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.


  1. I’m crazy about good PvP experiences so I can’t wait for the updates to fully hit Fallout 76. I’m glad the producer is also focused on bug fixing as well since that’s plagued the game.

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