Fallout 76 Will Be Free-To-Play This Weekend

Great time to visit the Wasteland

If you’re looking for something to play, Bethesda announced today it will make Fallout 76 free-to-play from Thursday, May 14 through Monday, May 18. During that time, players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC will have access to all of Fallout 76.

Even better, all players will get double XP during the same aforementioned timeframe.

It’s a great time to give Fallout 76 a try if you’ve never played it and a second chance if you left it. The game’s recent Wastelanders update added NPCs, along with new locations, new enemies, new weapons, a new quest line, and a new reputation system.

There’s also Fallout 1st, a subscription service offered for $12.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Benefits include the ability to play in a private world with your friends, a scrapbox for unlimited storage, a survival tent that acts as a fast-travel point, 1,650 atoms per month, the ranger armor outfit, and a pack containing icons and emotes.

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