D&D Exploring Mystic Orders Part 1

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, the Mystic class is very versatile in that there are many different ways that it can be used. This versatility is available mostly because the Mystic class can choose a Mystic Order at level one which has very different effects on how a Mystic can be played.

Currently, there are six different Mystic Orders that can be chosen from. These orders or the Order of the Avatar, the Order of the Awakened, the Order of the Immortal, the Order of the Nomad, the Order of the Soul Knife, and the Order of the Wu Jen. Given that this class exploration is part one, we will only be exploring the first three of these orders.

Each of these Orders has different abilities that become available as you level up. Let’s start with the Order of the Avatar. The Order of the Avatar focuses on the emotions of the people around him or her to either bolster or tear people down. This could look like an Avatar causing a group of allies suddenly getting a surge of courage while making the enemy group becoming terrified.

At level one, you are able to select two additional psionic disciplines as long as they are disciplines that fall under the category of the Order of the Avatar. Also at level one, the Avatar gains proficiency with medium armor and shields.

At level three, the Avatar is able to project an aura that gives all allies that are within thirty feet a plus two bonus to all initiative rolls as long as the Avatar is not incapacitated.

At level six, you can project an aura of resilience that allows you to regain hit points up to your intelligence modifier. if any ally within thirty feet of you regains hit points because of a psionic discipline as long as you are not incapacitated.

At level fourteen, as long as you are not incapacitated, any ally that is within thirty feet of you will be able to use the dash ability as a bonus action instead of as an action.

Moving on to the Order of the Awakened. This order focuses more on mental abilities than any of the other orders. An Awakened Mystic is capable of unleashing strong psionic attacks and bending enemies to their will.

At level one, the Awakened are able to learn two new psionic disciplines as long as they are a part of the Awakened Order. Also at level one, the Awakened are able to become proficient in two of the following skills: Animal Handling, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, and Persuasion.

At level three, you are able to investigate any object. If you concentrate on an object like you would on a concentration spell then you will be able to learn some basic facts about the item, see who held the object last within twenty-four hours or see events that have happened within one hour and within twenty feet of the object. You can only use this ability once per short or long rest.

At level six you are able to use your psychic focus to impose disadvantage to ability check that enemies need to make to resist a particular psionic talent or discipline. This ability is only usable once per short or long rest.

At level fourteen, you can use an action to turn into a ghost who is resistant to damage but can move only at half speed. Also, in this spectral form, you cannot willingly end your turn in the space of another creature. You are, however, able to move through objects. This ability is usable once per long rest.

 The next Mystic Order that you can join is called the Order of the Immortals. This order is very appropriately named because it is very difficult to kill an Immortal player. This order focuses on using psionic power to augment their physical abilities.

For example, at level one the Immortal player can pick two more psionic disciplines as long as they fall under the category of the Immortal Order. Also at level one, you gain one extra hit point per Mystic level and your armor class is calculated by adding ten plus your dexterity modifier, plus your constitution modifier as long as you are not wearing any armor or using a shield.

At level three you are able to gain temporary hit points equal to your intelligence modifier at the beginning of your turn.

At level six, the Immortal can activate psionic focus, by doing this the Immortal is able to halve the damage taken from an attack. It is important to note that after this use, psionic focus cannot be used again until after a long rest.

If an enemy is lucky enough to bring the Immortal down to zero hit points then that is when the level fourteen ability will kick in. This ability allows the player to spend five psi points to bring the Immortal back with hit points equal to the Mystic’s level plus his or her constitution modifier.

Just taking a look at these three Mystic Orders, I am sure that you can see how this class can be very versatile, particularly on the battlefield. For part two of this class exploration, stay tuned here at Gaming Historia.

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