Experiencing Minecraft for the First Time… Again

It Seems This Game Is Truly Timeless

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 The End?

Minecraft is collectively known to be one of the greatest games of all time. I believe it truly deserves this title. Minecraft is a game that will never be topped in its own genre; sure there are, and will be, more clones, but they’ll never be the same as this marvel. Minecraft is its own experience where the only limit is your own imagination and experiencing it for the first time was something truly humbling.

Unfortunately, Minecraft can get a little repetitive — this may take a long time, but it can happen. After many years and even more worlds, you end up repeating the same process. You spawn, you gather resources, you build a home, you build farms, you get diamonds. Go to the nether, upgrade your house, and eventually fight the two main bosses of the game. There is obviously much more you do in between these activities, but a few years ago I found myself largely repeating this pro

cess and not enjoying the game as much as I used to. I stopped playing, and left the game to gather dust.

Minecraft in game screenshot

A New Beginning

Skipping forward to 2020, I find myself and a group of friends discussing games. One friend suggests, “I’ve never played Minecraft before”. There was silence. A seasoned gamer who hadn’t played Minecraft!? Insanity. The conversation quickly turned into organising when we would introduce our friend to this wonderful game.

A couple of weeks and technical difficulties later, we were in this new world showing our friend how to make a pickaxe and sword and watching him go off on his first mine and building his first random structure. To the point where now, only weeks later, he’s donned full netherite armour and is building redstone machinery for fun.

Minecraft survival in game screenshot


I hadn’t really thought about it while playing, but whilst we were all teaching our friend how to play Minecraft, I quickly realised the amount I was enjoying myself again. I was experiencing the game for the first time again, through someone else’s eyes. No longer did adventuring seem a little boring and pointless because it doesn’t work towards a boss fight. Instead we have gone exploring and are planning to build in cool locations just for the sake of it. We’d build our own rooms in our house just for it to look good rather than for practicality like I used to.

I feel like sometimes in a like this game you can lose track of what the game actually wants you to do. Yes, fighting the Wither and Ender Dragon may be the ‘end game’ objectives, but honestly it’s the fun you have along the way — exploring, fighting, even mining — that give you the most satisfaction. Re-experiencing all those first-time experiences — finding diamonds, getting killed by lava, even going into the Nether — made the game so much more fun again.

Even now, ten years after my first time playing, Minecraft still gives me incredible memories. This would not have been the case if it weren’t for my friend having never played before. It almost rejuvenated my love for the game.

For me, Minecraft certainly won’t be getting old again anytime soon.

Minecraft cover art

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