Everything Announced at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

There's a lot available right now

Nintendo has just released their latest Indie World Showcase, which revealed new indie games coming to the Switch in the near future. There is a boatload of them, so let’s go over what was announced.


The showcase started strong with the announcement of Supergiant’s latest game, Hades, being ported with a Fall 2020 release window. Hades is a Greek mythology-inspired roguelike dungeon crawler, with an emphasis placed on story, characters and combat.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Initially released in 2019 for PC, Mac, and Linux, Hypnospace Outlaw will launch August 27 on the Switch.

As strange as the visuals are, the game’s premise is mostly grounded in reality. You play as a moderator for Hypnospace, an alternate-history version of the internet. As a moderator, it’s up to you to watch for illegal content, copyrighted material, viruses, cyberbullies, and internet trolls.


Spiritfarer, which releases today is a management game where you play as a little girl and you have to comfort spirits before sending them to the afterlife. You do this through a variety of activities such as cooking, resource gathering or just hanging out with them.

Garden Story

After Spiritfarer came Garden Story, a classic Zelda inspired adventure game with an emphasis on exploration, crafting and town management with social sim elements. Garden story releases next year on both Switch and PC and there’s a demo on PC that you can play right now.


The next big announcement in the Indie World showcase was the port of Subnautica and its Below Zero expansion. Subnautica is a game where you explore an alien planet’s ocean and you have to gather materials, fix your spaceship and survive the seas terrifying monsters.

Subnautica has an early 2021 release window for the Switch port, but it is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Following this was the announcement of Takeshi & Hiroshi, a gorgeously animated game about an older brother making a game for his younger brother to play. The game sees you tweaking and balancing the difficulty of the game so that it isn’t too easy or difficult for the younger brother to enjoy. Takeshi & Hiroshi is also out today.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Then came the announcement of Raji: an Ancient Epic, another game out today, which is a hack and slash game similar to Prince of Persia and classic God of War inspired by Hindu and Balinese Mythology.

Bear and Breakfast

The next game shown was Bear & Breakfast, a hotel simulation game where you play as a bear who converts a shack into a homely bed and breakfast. As you explore the forest to expand the hotel, things seem to get a bit more surreal.

Bear & Breakfast comes out next year on Switch and PC.

A Short Hike

After this came A Short Hike, another cute game about a little bird exploring a serene countryside which, you guessed it, is out today. The countryside area of the game has plenty of secrets to discover and plenty of ways to explore.

Card Shark

Another interesting announcement was Card Shark, a game about cheating at cards to gain fame in 1800s France. Card Shark is being developed by the same team that made Reigns and it comes out on Switch and PC next year.

Torchlight III

If you’re into dungeon crawlers, Torchlight III should be right up your alley. The game has 4 classes to choose from, sees the returmn of pets to the series and includes a fort for you to build and manage in between all of the looting. Torchlight III comes out this Fall with an exclusive pet for switch owners.

Manifold Garden

For puzzle game fans, there’s Manifold Garden, a mind bending game where you have to solve puzzles by manipulating gravity in a complex inspired by optical illusions. The game is out today on Switch, but it is also available on PS4, PC, Mac and Linux.


Continuing with the puzzle theme, the puzzle platformer Evergate was announced next. Evergate is about a little spirit called Ki’s journey through the afterlife that hasa  very similar feel to the Ori games. Evergate is also out today

Untitled Goose Game Co-op

The final announcement was the showcase of a two player co-op update for Untitled Goose Game, which comes out on the 23rd of September. There was also a reminder at the end that the physical edition of the game is coming soon.

Watch the showcase here

That’s all that was announced. There was a lot to digest, so if you want to watch the Indie World showcase yourself, you can here

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