Here’s Everything Announced During EA Play Live 2020

Apex Legends, three new EA Originals, and more

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Electronic Arts held its EA Play Live 2020 event today. Although the event didn’t contain the rumored Mass Effect remasters, it does include a number of other announcements.

Here’s everything announced during EA Play Live 2020.

Apex Legends

Developer Respawn Entertainment announced the Lost Treasures event for Apex Legends. In addition to golden loot, the event includes an updated Armed and Dangerous mode. The mode limits players to snipers and shotguns, equips everyone with evil armor, and strips away respawn beacons. Instead, players can only use a mobile respawn beacon.

Respawn also announced Apex Legends will launch on Steam and the Nintendo Switch this fall. Even better, the game will get cross-play across all supported platforms this fall.

It Takes Two

Known for their co-op titles, Hazelight isn’t breaking new genre ground with It Takes Two. However, the story and the mechanics are the focus here.

The game stars Rose, who brings two magical dolls to life. Rose’s parents are headed towards a divorce, and the levels in It Takes Two reflects the emotions Rose and her parents experience.

It Takes Two will launch in 2021.

Lost in Random

Coming from developer Zoink Games, Lost in Random takes its name very seriously.

The kingdom is under a curse, and it’s up to Even to save it by shooting craps. Her sidekick is literally called Dicey. There’s more to the game, but the teaser didn’t reveal much else in the way of game mechanics.

Lost in Random will launch in 2021.

Rocket Arena

Rounding out the trio of EA Originals is Rocket Arena, the debut game from developer Final Strike Games.

Living up to its name, Rocket Arena is a rockets-only shooter. Matches feature three players on each side, with a total of 10 heroes available at launch. Each hero has their own signature ability and 100 levels of progression.

Rocket Arena will launch July 14 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Origin. The game’s first season will launch July 28 and include the Blast Pass, a new character, and more.

Proper Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay

Although EA already announced Star Wars: Squadrons earlier in the week, the event gave us a first look at some gameplay.

For the game’s campaign mode, you can choose between two pilots: one from the Empire, the other from the New Republic. As for multiplayer, available modes include 5v5 dogfights and fleet battles called “multi-stage conflicts.”

Different ships play different roles, such as support and bomber. Also, you can play against the AI if you’re not a fan of playing with others. Lastly, you unlock cosmetics by “simply playing the game.” Looks like EA learned something from its Star Wars Battlefront II debacle.

Star Wars: Squadrons will launch October 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Talking about the new Skate game

After 10 years of dormancy, the Skate series will finally return. All we know is the game’s name: Skate Forever. We don’t know anything else about the game, though we can assume it will launch on next-gen consoles.

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