Rocket Arena: EA Plays Diamond in the Rough

An EA Original With an Explosive Twist

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EA Play Live 2020 took place yesterday, and it wasn’t all that exciting. Fortunately, there was a diamond in the rough in the form of Rocket Arena, a new rockets-only competitive multiplayer title.

The main mode will feature 3v3 deathmatch on small, dynamic maps. Players will need to complete objectives, with instant respawns when a player is defeated. From the trailer and very little gameplay we’ve seen, this game looks like an incredibly fun, chaotic experience. Rocket Arena almost feels like a mix of Overwatch-style gameplay and Fortnite‘s cartoony visuals.

There will be 10 different characters at launch, all with their own signature abilities. You can customize their looks with unlockable cosmetics. Developer Final Strike Games didn’t say if the cosmetics are only available through the upcoming “Blast Pass,” which could be similar to Fortnite‘s battle pass and season system.

Overall, Rocket Arena was the only game that really intrigued me during EA Play 2020. I was always a big fan of Overwatch, but it felt like there could be too much going on at times. With this game, you get condensed 3v3 matches, quick respawns, and rockets flying everywhere. I feel like Rocket Arena could be a fun experience, especially with friends.

It also helped we didn’t get to see much of the other two EA Originals. Even though they caught my attention, they quickly lost it by not showing much gameplay and showing the developers talking a little too much. With Rocket Arena, the developers dove right in and didn’t waste any time, similar to the game’s respawn mechanic.

My main concern is with the Battle Pass and cosmetics. I’d rather have most of the cosmetic items be available without having to buy extra content for the game. At the same time, it’s the direction similar games have successfully gone in.

Rocket Arena is set to release July 14 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The first season will begin just two weeks after release on July 28.

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