Dragon Age: Origins is Amazing.

DA4 should take notes.

I recently replayed Dragon Age: Origins for about the hundredth time and it’s still an amazing game. It’s a masterpiece and Bioware should take some notes for the upcoming Dragon Age 4.

Origins got lot’s of things right. The writing was awesome, the characters were interesting and funny, the story was thrilling and the gameplay was tactful and precise. It’s just a shame the other games in the franchise miss the mark.

Dragon Age: Origins is a very important game for me so I’ve decided to sum up the things I love about it.


Dragon Age: Origins Warden dialogue choices

First up is the writing. The writing in this game is brilliant. The story mixes a high fantasy calamity with medieval political intrigue as civil war threatens to break out in Ferelden during a Blight.  As a Grey Warden, it’s your responsibility to stop the Blight. But first, you’ll need to gather allies from Mages, Elves and Dwarves and unite Ferelden before it’s too late.

Across the many areas, you’ll explore you’ll also encounter many different characters. Some will aid you and others will stand in your way. In these instances dialogue really shines when you decide how to confront the obstacle. Do you try to talk your way out of it, try to force them to step down or jump straight to bloodshed? All options are viable and all are fascinating to watch unveil.

Some of the most entertaining scenes to watch involve story antagonist Loghain Mac’Tir. Loghain is a fascinatingly unhinged character. Mix that with voice work by Simon Templeman and Loghain becomes an iconic villain.


Dragon Age: Origins deep roads tactical gameplay

Real-time tactical combat with a  tactical pause and a tactical camera? That’s a lot of tactfulness and it’s all awesome! Each bit of combat is executed perfectly. Enemies will rush out of all corners to attack your party. Using the tactical pause will allow you to analyse the battlefield to see what’s coming your way. If you want to formulate a strategy, it is encouraged and this is important as you’re constantly outnumbered or led into traps or ambushes.

Combat is always a blast and it always makes me feel like I’m actually a commander, issuing orders in the heat of battle to my companions.

Additionally Origins gives you plenty of freedom over how you build your character. For instance, you can be a mage and wear heavy armour to be a force to be reckoned with in battle!


Dragon Age: Origins Broodmother dark monsters

And last off we have the atmosphere of the game. Essentially it’s Dungeons and Dragons but dark and mean and that combination is awesome. Whether you’re running through a haunted forest or through Darkspawn filled caverns the atmosphere is impeccable, helped in part by an amazing soundtrack by Ion Zur and incredible art design.

All the locations are immediately memorable and the enemies you encounter in each are interesting and often terrifying.  From Werewolves to Broodmothers, Origins has plenty of horrors to encounter.

And that’s the end of my love letter to Dragon Age: Origins. I recommend you play it if you haven’t already as Dragon Age: Origins is amazing. Hope you enjoyed reading. Stay safe.

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