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The Real Wild West

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Do you miss the good old days of Commandos? Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic brings you an absolute dynamite among tactical stealth games. Desperados III will take you for one hell of a ride throughout the Wild West.


In Desperados III, you will get to control five unique characters, each with distinctive skills. Your main character is John Cooper and on his journey you will meet with other characters. Some of them are John’s old time friends, whilst some he meets by accident. Story might seem a little bit less important on first look, but don’t be fooled — Desperados III is well-written. Its characters are original, dialogues are funny, and missions bear weight so you will never feel like you are doing something without a purpose or reason. The story fills you with the feeling that you need to know more, and you have to know how it all ends.

View of a Wild West City
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The tactical-stealth genre is a well known concept. The camera is fixed in a top-down isometric view only, but can be moved around locations as you please, as well as zoomed in and out. In gameplay, your camera positioning is very important and you will rotate like a maniac to find every piece of information on how to infiltrate or eliminate certain areas and targets. Simply put, camera positioning and your own observation skills are your best friends.

Desperados III requires a lot of planning upfront, especially if you play on normal or hard difficulty settings. With beginner difficulty, you have space for mistakes and the game will not punish you as hard — but it’s still quite challenging and you can not just run into an area and start shooting like a crazy gunslinger. At the end of each mission, you also have the option to watch a replay. This option tracks your every movement throughout the location and is a perfect tool for your own improvement.

Overall the game feels fluid and runs very smoothly. Everything works as it should without any difficulties. I personally did not encounter any bugs or glitches during my time with the game. Between all the options you have in the game and its well-written story and characters, Desperados III has nothing less than perfect gameplay.

Bride Shot Her New Husband
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Desperados III is tactic-based and gives you multiple abilities to work with, such as disguises, throwing knifes or the use of a giant bear trap. It also has a couple of innovative elements — for example, the ‘execution’ mode gives you the option to stop time and plan one action with each character. With this ability you can strategize double executions, methods of infiltration, and much more. A great aspect of the ‘execution’ ability is that when  planning something you can either carry out your plan immediately or prepare it, waiting for the best timing before putting it in motion. This gives you a lot of potential for planning, even before using the option to interact with certain elements in the environment. For example, you can drop the bell from a church bell-tower on your victims, or scare a horse which will kick the enemy that is standing behind it. Especially in Desperados III, you will need every advantage you can take. You are encouraged to save your game as often as possible, and you should. Trust me, you will need it. I found myself reloading saves all the time because of the smallest mistakes or because I missed one enemy.


Desperados III looks beautiful. Within the first minute of the tutorial, I was incredibly surprised how this game looks and how many small details are in the game. When you play tactical-stealth games like this one, you don’t often see cities filled with civilians. Desperados III is a big exception. Here you will get locations full of life, from farms and manors to cities and mines. None of the locations in the game feel or look empty. I really fell in love with the way developer Mimimi Games focuses on details in every single location. The environments are breathtaking.

Church Bell Falling on Target
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For every real time tactical-stealth gamer out there, Desperados III is a must! Not only because it is an enjoyable story-driven experience, but also because it is a challenge. Every lover of these types of games will be more than satisfied. The main criticism I would highlight is the soundtrack, which does not stand out very much but is sufficient in combination with the game.

Overall, this is one of the rare cases of a perfect game that stands out with its gameplay, graphics and thoughtful writing. I can recommend Desperados III to everyone who is interested in this genre, whether you are a beginner or a hardcore lover. This game is for everybody.

Pick up Desperados III for PC here. It is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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