Deadpool 2 Review – Did the Sequel Meet Expectations?

This is an article by Guest Author Roberto Sotelo submitted to the Gaming Historia Team!

2016’s Deadpool was somewhat of a unique film that started as a small demo reel being leaked. This demo turned into a smash hit at the box office grossing over $783.1 million. 20th Century Fox was hesitant with the idea of an R-rated comic book film but once they saw how well it did at the box office, the studio greenlit Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 sees Ryan Reynolds returning as the “Merc with a mouth” alongside most of the previous cast from the first film. It also introduces a new ensemble of characters such as Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beets as Domino, and Julian Dennison as Russell Collins (Firefist). The film’s plot has Cable, a soldier from the future, going back in time to stop a mutant from killing his family. It’s up to Deadpool to prevent Cable from killing the boy. In his attempt to achieve this goal, Deadpool assembles X-Force to stop Cable.

The plot is a bit different from most superhero films. It really doesn’t have a clear villain and in fact, focuses on a lot of personal dilemmas going on with the characters. It is not a very serious film of course but the themes within it bring up serious topics. Situations such as child abuse and death of loved ones feature throughout Deadpool’s second adventure. Deadpool 2 doesn’t delve too deep into these topics but it winds up being satisfying for what the film does provide during the storyline.

Deadpool is known for his comedy and 4th wall breaking and Deadpool 2 has at least twice as many jokes than the amount of the first film. Although, as in all comedies some jokes can be hit or miss. There was one scene in particular near the end that dragged on for too long attempting comedic effect but only seemed to ruin the scene for me. Other than that, most jokes were enjoyable and genuinely made me laugh.

The Deadpool brand of comedy isn’t for everyone though as it is very childish at times. The score was over the top but it felt pointless to me most of the time. During most action scenes, the score was perfect but there were some action scenes where the music was intense when very little action was going on. For some of these scenes, the score was used for comedic effect but it only made the scene seem imbalanced as there was hardly any fighting yet the intense music was playing.

However, when there is action, everything is executed perfectly. Having an R-rated superhero hero film makes the action scenes amazing and very enjoyable to watch. This is especially true with Deadpool’s healing factor coming into play. Deadpool 2 has so much more action than the last film. In the first 5 minutes of the film, it shows just the kind of damage Deadpool is capable of and the intense action to come.

There is dismemberment, blood and guts, swordplay and gunplay, insane acrobatics, mind-blowing stunts, and so much more to enjoy. The action scenes were incredible and there is plenty of them to enjoy. The sequel was a much greater experience than the first film because of its bigger budget this time around.

Deadpool 2 can also be considered a groundbreaking film for many reasons. One of which is that it became one of the highest grossing R rated films. Other reasons are its unique storyline that showcases a tragic element behind its comedic story. Deadpool 2 also makes history in being a film rejected by many studios before turning into a full-blown series with a unique new take on superhero films. While it isn’t a perfect film and does have jokes that fall flat; it is a movie that takes the essence of many other genres and becomes a 4th wall breaking masterpiece.

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Deadpool 2





  • Great Action Sequences
  • Funny Comedic Moments
  • Superb Main Cast
  • Fantastic Plot


  • Some Comedic scenes felt forced
  • Supporting Cast was Underused
  • Music sometimes didn't fit the scene
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