Call of the Sea Is a Beautiful New First-Person Puzzle Title

From Out of the Blue!

Today’s Inside Xbox showcase some of the third party games coming to the Xbox Series X, including Call of the Sea.

Call of the Sea is the first title from new developer Out of the Blue, comprised of a team of 12 veteran developers. The developers come from a wide background of games including Guacamelee 2, Metroid: Samus Returns, and Celeste.

A trailer was released alongside the reveal, showcasing the puzzle based gameplay. The game sees Norah, voiced by Cissy Jones (Firewatch and The Walking Dead), on the trail of her missing husband. Strange ruins and a tease for the story of discovery were also shown.

A post on Xbox Wire revealed more information for the title, including its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft. New screens from the game’s website show the stunning visuals players can expect from the next generation title, as well as a fishy appearance.

Call of the Sea will launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC as an Xbox Game Pass title. The title has also been confirmed to support Xbox’s Smart Delivery service. The service allows a copy of the title on Xbox One to count as a copy for the Series X and vice versa.

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