Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at Gamescom 2019

This year’s Gamescom (the biggest European game trade fair hosted in Cologne) showcase brought us some more news and tons of informations about new games.

The one particular title that I am going to address this article is about one of the biggest developers in the game industry. It is none other than Santa Monica-based publisher Activison and their brand-new take on their most famous series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

New Look

The amount of new things they’ve added to the reborn series has me just speechless. The first thing I want to talk about is the brand-new engine that basically introduces us to a different Call of Duty than we are used to. Developers have started to focus more on realism and dynamics of the gameplay than in any other game before. I can clearly say, with previous experiences, that the change is on point.

I have to say that I believe in the developer’s choices and the direction they chose to go in.
So, now lets dive into the most important news and changes of the game. One of those changes is getting rid of the season pass and more in-game content that you had to pay for.

Old and New

Now with the more in-game news. Where should I just start? Well, let’s take it from beginning. I had the chance to try the game on my own at the Gamescom event and I have to say I was impressed. It felt really nice and balanced. The realism that makes the game look more attractive and less arcady. Even if the feel of the gameplay is still the same. The explosions and gun sounds with bullets flying around gave it a feel that it was just different kind of Call of Duty.

The new entry to series is also bringing back some previous mechanics. They brought back perks, which you will be able to use up to three. Next is they are bringing back a killstreak which will provide you with a drone that shows enemies on radar or airstrike and even a tank.

Now, we moving towards modes to play. For example – Gunfight (2v2), Cyber Attack (6v6) and Ground War which is game mode for 64 people (32v32). This new take on the series is just overflowing with changes and new content. And I did not even mentioned the new maps, guns and customizations. But one change that I have to address before finishing this article is cross-play. Now you will be able to play via your PS4, PC or Xbox, which is perfect for making strong community of players.

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