Blizzcon 2018 News Roundup

New Overwatch short, Destiny 2 free on PC and more

This past weekend was the annual celebration of all things Blizzard, Blizzcon, and there was quite a bit of news that came out of it. Some of it caused quite a stir and some kind of went under the radar, so let’s get down to business and see what Blizzard had up their sleeves this year.

Diablo Immortal was revealed at the con, and it had everyone fired up for some crazy reason. The game is a new entry for the series, that takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III, and it’s a mobile game. That is apparently what many were up in arms about, probably because most were expecting to see something about Diablo IV. There’s been plenty of critiques and fans up in arms, but ultimately a different team is working on the game most likely. Diablo IV probably has hundreds of other people working on it, so there you go. I think the game looks pretty decent, and if Diablo III hadn’t just released on Switch I may have given this one a try for Diablo on the go.

Overwatch had a ton of new goodies happening. Firstly, a new character was revealed, Ashe, who is the leader of the Deadlock Gang and has ties to Mcree. Check out the new short, as it’s one of the best Overwatch shorts in my opinion. She looks to be a new sniper character also armed with a shotgun for some close range defense and for her ult she calls out her best-henchman, Bob, to help take care of business. There’s also a new character revealed in the short that many are assuming will be one of the new heroes that come out next year, but I won’t spoil it for you. Also, the oft-requested Lucio-Ohs is actually happening thanks to a deal between Blizzard and Kelloggs and will be out in December, alongside a full-length Lucio album. The leaked Overwatch lego set was also revealed, and to sum it all up, Overwatch is set to continue to creep into the mainstream.

Some last bits of news, Warcraft III: Reforged was also unveiled. Blizzard is remaking Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos plus its expansion The Frozen Throne. Expect all new graphics, hours of updated cutscenes and a new map editor as Blizzard brings one of the best RTS games back for fans old and new to enjoy. Lastly, Blizzard and Bungie let everyone know that Destiny 2 is currently free on PC through Battle.Net. The game is available from November 2nd through the 18th, and to claim it you must go to the Battle.Net Gift page. Blizzcon 2018 is now a wrap and it looks like Blizzard fans have plenty to look forward to in the months to come.

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