BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Fifth Fate Revealed

During one of the biggest fighting tournaments in the world, Arc System Works revealed their latest set of DLC fighters in their crossover title BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The announcement happened following the Grand Finals of the crossover fighting game at EVO Japan 2019 and included four new fighters: Seth from Under Night In-Birth, Teddie from Persona 4 Arena, Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue: Centralfiction, and our latest newcomer was revealed to be Heart Aino from the Arcana Heart series.

The four new characters are set to be part of an arcade release in Japan later this spring and we can expect them to appear in consoles and PC soon after that initial release. New artwork was even released to commemorate the introduction of the fighters. As of the end of season 1 DLC, the game has 40 playable characters from BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena, and RWBY

Heart Aino and Arcana Hearts weren’t the only surprises left in the announcement trailer. The original icon of the game, a diamond cut up into four segments, was used to represent the four franchises was updated to into a diamond with six segments and some empty space in between. This seems to heavily imply that the season 2 DLC will feature a sixth franchise, or “fate”, later in the future.

Another interesting aspect of this newly confirmed DLC is that this will be the first time Seth, Naoto, and Heart will have English speaking roles. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was the very first instance where the cast of Under Night In-Birth had English voices and since neither it nor Arcana Hearts have been dubbed outside of Japan, leading to their debut. In the same vein, Naoto was introduced in BlazBlue Centralfiction, the only game in the series to never have seen an English dub.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam for $49.99 with its season 1 DLC pass available for $19.99.

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