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A Fun Glitchy Mess

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Before I get into this review, I do want to state that Bake ‘n Switch is still in beta and therefore a lot of my thoughts here may not be reflective of the final product.

Bake ‘n Switch is a co-op/PvP party brawler for 2-4 players. There are 4 characters available all with their own unique abilities. The main objective of the game is to cook dough creatures for points. By combing dough creatures, you will get a score multiplier. In co-op you and friends must beat a score limit within a certain amount of time. This works via a 3-star system like many mobile games. In PvP you simply must have the highest score out of all your friends at the end of a round.

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The game at its core was really fun. Me and my friend spent a couple hours on each of the co-op and PvP modes and was having tons of laughs. The co-op similar to many games like this starts off very easy but then starts bringing in many more mechanics which makes the game more challenging. The PvP also can get really intense as you can constantly knock dough out of an opponent’s hand whilst trying to cook your own.

Bake ‘n Switch begins by just asking you to cook specific types of dough creatures and teaching you the movement system. It then gets more challenging by introducing ‘mouldies’. ‘Mouldies’ act as zombie type creatures which infect the dough. Players must punch the infection out of the dough but any score multiplier attached to the dough will be halved. The game gets even more complicated later by blocking certain routes and introducing different flavours. I really liked this as the developers are evidently trying to make a fair difficulty system and for the most part does so quite well.

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Unfortunately, it’s not all good. There were a fair few connection issues for me and my friend. So as much as we were having fun whilst playing the lag and even one straight up game crash took away from the experience slightly. Bake ‘n Switch cant be played single player, this grinds my gears a little. I understand that at its core this is a multiplayer game but having the option to play the co-op levels on your own with an eased score limit would be fun too. Animation was also unfinished however as I’ve already said this is a beta so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt. There were are tip screens whenever the game introduces a new mechanic but half the time they never show up and we would have to figure it out on our own.

Overall Bake ‘n Switch was honestly a really fun, arcady experience which I hadn’t had in along time. It wasn’t stressful, I could just sit back and have a laugh with my friend. I think once some of the technical issues are tweaked then this is a game I will definitely return to and even recommend to friends.

Bake ‘n Switch is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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