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With a new generation of gaming on the horizon, the team here at B2TG look back on the most impactful games that have had the biggest effect on our lives. These are the types of games that made us love gaming, or really made us think about things that would otherwise be much deeper than the game itself.

The Witcher

Selected by Filip Matušek

The Witcher Promotional Image

Most people recognize The Witcher 3 without a doubt, but for me it was the first game that introduced me to the grim and evil-filled type of fantasy. It is The Witcher that also encouraged me to read all of Andrezj Sapkowski’s books and hooked me up on the whole series. I became a die-hard fan. It was the nature of The Witcher‘s storytelling which showed most of the characters in their true nature: greedy; hateful; selfish. It’s this type of storytelling that stuck in my heart because it is not scared to show how evil can people be, but also shows the other side of the coin that there are people that are kind and respectful. The Witcher is always my number one, no matter what, and it always has a special place in my heart.

Chrono Trigger

Selected by Mazen Haggag

Chrono Trigger in game screenshot

Chrono Trigger was the game that turned me into a video game fanatic.  Every aspect of the game, from its time travel story, to its wonderful characters, gorgeous visuals helped by Akira Toriyama’s art, incredible music, and an interesting take on turn-based battles immediately hooked me. The anime cutscenes on the DS version helped too. Chrono Trigger makes each of its characters — regardless of whether they’re a frog from the middle ages, a robot from a post-apocalyptic future, or a crazy cavewoman — fit together seamlessly through their great interactions and the battle system, which sees them work together for special attacks.

A lot of your decisions and the way you play the game actually change the story. All of this opened my eyes to the limitless potential that video games provide when it comes to storytelling. Ultimately, Chrono Trigger has inspired me to one day write a story that is even half as consistently exceptional as it is.

Metal Gear Solid

Selected by Matthew Curtiss

MGS in game screenshot

For me, Metal Gear Solid is my most impactful game ever. This is the game that made me fall in love with the MGS series; it was way ahead of its time when it first released. MGS always breaks the fourth wall, and I will never forget Psycho Mantis telling me how I like to play Castlevania, or Suikoden. There will never be a game like the Metal Gear games and that’s why I think they are the most impactful. What those games have achieved is amazing and I don’t think anyone could ever repeat, or even come close to replicating, a game like Metal Gear Solid.


Selected by Kane Oakes

Journey Cover Art

I have played many games in my life. Some were amazing, some were downright awful and some I would even consider to be life changing. However, there is only one game I’ve ever considered to be faultless. A 10/10. Perfect. This game is Journey. There are many reasons I believe this, such as the incredibly unique multiplayer system and its open world and picturesque scenery. However, what makes Journey truly perfect is how it impacted me. I’ve never played a game that made me think about ‘the big questions’ as much as Journey did. It made me question life, and why and how we are here, but also death and what happens after each and every one of us inevitably passes.

Journey managed to make me question all of this whilst the characters in the game never even said a word. Instead I discovered it simply by exploration and the hardships you go through on your journey. I had never played a game that impacted me like this before. I don’t think I ever will again.

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