Square Enix Breaks Silence on Avengers Game With War Table Livestream

Expect details on story missions, co-op gameplay, and more

After months of silence since its gameplay showcase, Square Enix has announced an event to reveal more information on Marvel’s Avengers.

Through a post on Twitter, more information regarding Marvel’s Avengers has finally been confirmed. The post features a new trailer showcasing how the team’s efforts have continued through the current pandemic.

Throughout the trailer, clips of unseen footage from the game can be seen, including a new gladiatorial outfit for Hulk and other teasers. The outfit is similar to the one in Thor: Ragnarok. The most exciting part of the trailer is the end, when the date for this War Table showcase is confirmed for next month. Also coming are details on story missions and co-op gameplay, along with new trailers.

For fans of the game, it sounds like this event will be a must-see. Exact timing wasn’t announced, but look out for the Marvel’s Avengers War Table livestream on June 24.

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