Apex Legends Modes Incoming Via Leak

References to a very interesting new mode in Apex Legends may have leaked thanks to a data miner, who like many of us, really enjoys the game. Simply referred to as Survival in the game files, the mode appears to feature spectator and commentator NPCs who will cheer players on, and even perform a few emotes of their own. It’s unclear whether or not these features will make it to the game, but they would be unlike anything other battle royale games are offering at the moment. Fortnite still rules all, but there are a number of things Apex Legends offers that is causing concern for the world’s biggest game.

Respawn already promised new characters in Apex Legends’ year one road-map, and according to these new leaks, some of their abilities may have been exposed ahead of time. Two new heroes are expected to come to the game. The first, called Octane, appears to have some sort of stim injection, but the description doesn’t mention what it actually does. Likewise, another is called Wattson, and his ability is a deployable Tesla Trap.

The first big content drop for Apex Legends is scheduled for sometime in March, with the launch of the battle pass. We’re likely going to hear about some of these in the lead-up. For now it is unclear whether or not any of the leaked information is even going to make it to the game. Apex Legends has been a massive hit, and Respawn known for their support of their games, is sure to make adjustments as needed to keep this game running at full capacity. Fortnite isn’t panicking yet, but maybe it should be.

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