An Eternal Struggle: Community Deck Building for Eternal

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I’ve been clear in the past that I am a fan of Eternal. Having played just about every card game to come out at some point or another, Eternal has really become my favorite of the bunch.

I played Magic: the Gathering from Alpha on and off to Dominaria until I finally decided that Eternal had captured my particular taste in card games so much that I would focus on just that game.

This article, which I hope will become a weekly or bi-weekly series, is going to do something new for us as long as we have the community involved. The idea for this series will be to buck the trend of everyone playing netdecks. Not to sound too much like an old codger, but back in my day, there were no netdecks in M:tG. Showing up at a tournament, generally, meant that you had no idea what types of decks you would be facing.

What I would like to do is start it off with a pet deck that I’ve been playing since Eternal launched, that is sorely in need of some updating. I’ve made a few changes over time and will explain some of the concepts of the deck. I’ll also link to so that you can export it directly into your own game and mess with it. The goal is to see if the deck can go from a fun idea to something rather competitive.

With all of that out of the way, here is the deck in its current state. Click the deck name to be taken to a private area on where you can import the deck and make changes within the game. Comment on this site with updates.

GamingHistoria’s Vodakhan Combo

(The easiest way to view the deck completely, for now, will be to visit the link.)

3 Meditation (Set4 #54)
2 Seek Power (Set1 #408)
4 Desert Marshal (Set1 #332)
3 Trail Maker (Set3 #65)
4 Voice of the Speaker (Set1 #78)
4 Amber Acolyte (Set1 #93)
3 Knight-Chancellor Siraf (Set1 #335)
4 Shush (Set3 #259)
2 Stand Together (Set1 #334)
3 Ancient Lore (Set1 #105)
2 Sandstorm Titan (Set1 #99)
3 Harsh Rule (Set1 #172)
2 Marshal Ironthorn (Set1 #174)
2 Passage of Eons (Set1001 #3)
4 Vodakhan, Temple Speaker (Set1 #347)
1 Temporal Distortion (Set3 #96)
7 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)
3 Amber Waystone (Set3 #51)
9 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)
2 Combrei Banner (Set1 #424)
4 Crest of Progress (Set4 #247)
4 Seat of Progress (Set0 #58)

So here is the idea of the deck. Vodakhan, Temple Speaker and Voice of the Speaker, create a combo that can go on for max cards drawn in a turn. Essentially, you’ll end up with a majority of your deck, have the key cards you need to finish your opponent, and have so much power things will be cake to cast.

First, Vodakhan.

This guy is key since all power cards end up with Destiny. With Voice of the Speaker backing him up, that means every time you draw a power card, it doubles, and you draw two cards. With Marshal Ironthorn on the field, you actually end up with even more scouting off cards like Crest of Progress.

Amber Acolyte, Ancient Lore, and Meditation are there to help get the combo started. Meditation is a strange one as it is more of a protection card than a combo starter, but with an Amber Acolyte on the field, you can Meditation it at the end of the opponents turn to guarantee you start the combo if the right pieces are in place.

Shush is included to stop or slow down a number of decks that cause problems, since cutting a creature completely from their deck can be devastating, and Passage of Eons helps get around relic decks and can break stuns. Finally, Temporal Distortion is an add-in to see how it works, simply to allow you to play things like Passage of Eons end of turn, or an Ancient Lore to combo off on their turn if they have removal for one of your pieces and you don’t have Stand Together.

The deck needs work. Probably a lot more than I realize right now. Essentially, I see it as Vodakhan, Voice, and Amber Acolyte as the basis, with the rest just random cards that I’ve slotted in to see how they worked. Marshal Ironthorn seems key as well since he gives you a one-sided Harsh Rule. This is key since evasion is weak in this deck and by the time you combo off, the field is going to likely be crowded.


So there we have it. The link I provided (click the deck name) will take you to the unlisted deck. What we would like to do is keep the comments on this article for any deck updates so that everyone will be able to participate. With luck, we can turn this into a beater of a deck that can go far in ranked. If you would like to be featured on next weeks article, send a deck idea to and you may be the next to take a pet deck to the masses for some tuning. If things go as well as I hope, we will even look at giveaways down the line for the best performing decks.

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