Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasion DLC Review

Invasion is here! On August 6th last year, Triumph Studios released stunning turn based strategy game called Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

The game collected high review scores all around the world. We had the opportunity to try their newest expansion called Invasion which brings couple more changes in already amazing game.

AoW Planetfall Invasion Ingame Screenshot world map


This game is a turn-based strategy game. I personally am huge fan of the Total War series and in the days of drought, especially with strategy games, Triumph Studios’ Age of Wonders is a savior. First you have a world map where you move your armies and manage your cities/provinces on hexagon tiles very similar to the Civilization series. When you enter combat however, it becomes very similar to XCOM series when you have certain units they have some kind of stamina for actions during your turn.

AoW Planetfall Invasion Ingame Screenshot battle


As mentioned before I have had the chance to try the new expansion and it is pretty good despite the fact it does add only a few real features that changes the game-play.

Some of the changes are two new races. First is the NPC race, called the Therians and the second race is (which is playable) called the Shakarn. The Shakarn race adds 8 new commanders, a whole bunch of customization for them, and new units and heroes. They also bring new campaign missions since the expansion is based around this race. The story is not that interesting, but also is not as bad as you might think.

The major changes, at least for me, were in adding world events. This add-on brings a lot in terms of strategy and on hard difficulties it is definitely a game changer. These events come randomly and bring everything from acid rains to pirates to storms. I definitely loved this piece and if you can use these environmental catastrophes to your advantage, it will give you an edge and can save you from defeat.

AoW Planetfall Invasion Ingame Screenshot

Final Words

Simply, it is just worth it. For the price it brings a lot to the game and making it even more strategic but especially much more fun. I have to say that this is a full DLC and I definitely recommend for every strategist.

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall INVASION





  • New Missions
  • New Races and Units
  • World Events (Game Changer)
  • Real DLC


  • Average Story
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