A Reasonable Opinion On A Switch Pro

My Thoughts On A Updated Switch

While I love discussing gaming, I’m not a fan of all the runaway reporting that plagues it. It wasn’t until last generation that I began to take notice of all the rumors and leaks that constantly get circulation.The Nintendo Switch is not immune to this. Even when the console was going by its code name, journalists and YouTubers alike jumped on nearly every rumor they could find. Now the Switch is back in the rumor mill once again with fans hoping for a Switch Pro. Instead of generating hype that leads to disillusionment, I’d like to offer reasonable opinions that stir the imagination of gamers thinking of the possibility of a Switch Pro.

Probability Of A Switch Pro

First, we need to evaluate the probability of a Switch Pro. In regards to their home consoles, Nintendo has only released three revisions. These are the New-Style NES, New-Style SNES and Wii Mini. The three served as redesigns of their original counterparts and were aimed at buyers looking for a decent price. While the New-Style NES and SNES were visibly different, they offered the same experience as their predecessors. The Wii Mini even went as far as to take away features from the original Wii such as online capability, backward compatibility and external storage.

However, it’s important to note that the Switch doesn’t only serve as a home console. When it comes to handhelds, the Big-N has been pumping out revisions and upgrades since the days of the Gameboy. This is extremely apparent in the 3DS family. Even though the 3DS XL and 2DS were remodels, the New Nintendo 3DS was an enhancement of the original. With more powerful specs, an additional analog stick and even exclusive software the system was basically a “3DS Pro” of sorts. Given that the Switch is a hybrid console and the current release of the Switch lite, it isn’t a complete stretch to believe that Nintendo might consider a more powerful addition to the Switch line.

Enhancing The Software

If a Switch Pro is in the works, Nintendo could possibly take another page from the 3DS playbook. The New Nintendo 3DS also had exclusives games. Even though its library consists of six titles, games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Fire Emblem Warriors weren’t playable on previous 3DS models. Even when throwing exclusivity out the window, certain games just run better on the New 3DS. Sony and Microsoft also applied this strategy to the PS4 and Xbox One. While it’s uncertain that fully amplified consoles will become a standard, it is possible that Nintendo could follow suit. With heavy hitters like Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4 coming in the future, I’m sure fans wouldn’t disdain the idea of playing them in 4K.

Another Chance At Quality

I love the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the system is my favorite console of the eighth generation. Still, despite everything the Switch gets right, it can’t seem to shake the issue of Joy-Con drift. The issue has become so big that Nintendo has been in and out of the courtroom ever since 2019. Another and more recent lawsuit has been filed against the company this past November. I myself have experienced Joy-Con drift, which is no longer a problem thanks to my Hori Split Pad Pro.

Even though Nintendo is offering free repairs to those in the US, it’s shocking to see a company so well known for quality products have an issue this large. The release of a Switch Pro can provide the opportunity for Nintendo fix the situation permanently. However, if an updated Switch were to suffer from the same problem it will only lead to more disappointed consumers and even more lawsuits.

Closing Statements

Is it really absurd to believe that a Switch Pro is in the works? In short, my answer is no. I personally think it’s a question of when it will get here as opposed to if it will get here. In my opinion Nintendo only has things to gain from an updated Switch. The console has shattered records and if the 3DS has taught us anything, it’s that fans love to buy revisions and special editions of Nintendo’s handhelds. With that being said, rumors and speculations (even my own) are moot. In the meantime it’s wise for fans to sit back and wait to hear an announcement from the Big-N itself.

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