5 Characters I’m Excited to Recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion

Time to Expand the Party

Watch Dogs Legion is here, and brings with it not only a significantly explorable London, but a whole host of Londoners to recruit.

The new Ubisoft sequel continues the story of the hacker group DedSec from Watch Dogs 2 as their influence expands on a global scale. However, in London the group is being painted as criminals, while Albion and CTOS take control of the city.

The ability to explore modern day London in a video game is exciting on its own, but the randomly generated citizens of London provide infinite character possibilities. This presents an ambitious undertaking from Ubisoft.

In celebration of the launch, here are the top five characters I’m excited to recruit in Watch dogs Legion.

5. The Elderly

Watch Dogs Legion Helen Dashwood Grandma

Anyone familiar enough with this upcoming title knew that this had to have a spot on the list. In Watch Dogs Legion, truly anyone can be recruited, from Albion employees to drone racers to even a Grandma.

Taking the fight to the streets of London as an innocent Grandma presents opportunities for not only subterfuge but pure chaos. The game’s world premiere trailer was the first to emphasise this, showcasing the retired Assassin Helen. Turns out you can never judge a book by its cover when it comes to the gangster Grandparents of London.

4. The Spy

Watch Dogs Legion Spy Car Chase

One of the most infamous parts of British cinema is its Spy movies, including one particularly famous franchise. What better way to represent this side of British culture than by allowing players to find and recruit their very own Spy?

Spy characters can come equipped with all kinds of unique gadgetry and weapons, from silenced pistols to Spy cars. There’s no doubt these tools will be especially handy in all kinds of situations. From escaping a fleet of chase drones in a missile shooting supercar to avoiding enemy detection.

3. The Assassin

Watch Dogs Legion Darcy Assassin

While it has been teased before with character appearances, this game presents the first full crossover between Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. Both of these Ubisoft franchises have been theorised to exist in the same world before, and this is finally confirmed with the introduction of Darcy.

Darcy is a member of the modern day Assassin’s brotherhood and is featured exclusively in the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass alongside 3 other heroes. Details about Darcy are currently scarce other than what Ubisoft has confirmed and shown. However, in her character reveal we can see the iconic hidden blade, suggesting that this will be a suitably stealthy character.

2. The American

Watch Dogs Legion Wrench

Fans of the Watch Dogs franchise will be pleased by this inclusion. One of the main characters from Watch Dogs 2 makes his grand return in this sequel and will this time be a fully playable character.

Wrench returns in Watch Dogs Legion and joins the resistance on the streets of London. It will be especially interesting to see how Ubisoft will handle this character, not from an abilities perspective. But instead from a clothing perspective. Wrench’s leather outfit and screen-enhanced mask are iconic parts of his clothing, so will they be interchangeable just as with any other character in the game? As with Darcy, details are scarce and Wrench is only available in the Season Pass among other returning character Aiden Pearce.

1. The First

Watch Dogs Legion Characters

Surprisingly, the character I’m most excited to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion is one I’ll never get to choose. The very first operative you play as is one the game chooses for you. The sense of mystery this feature provides is exciting, and can make the beginning of your urban adventures a walk in the park, or a more challenging experience.

Watch Dogs Legion launches 29 October on PC, Stadia, Xbox One and Playstation 4 . There will also be a free next gen upgrade to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Find out more on the game’s website.

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