Gaming Historia: Special Guest, EGX Rezzed, and Ramblings

History, Video Games, and EGX Rezzed

In this episode of Gaming Historia, Rio joins Chris for a discussion about EGX Rezzed. But wait! There’s more! We also discuss political history due to our interest in The Council. We talk a little about Gonzo Journalism. We mention gardening. And we talk about the three big surprised that should be on your radar from Rezzed.

Is this your typical episode? Not at all – but it is our 10th, so we get to do whatever we want!

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Chris has been playing around in the gaming industry for entirely too long. These days he is working on become an educator while also chasing his passion of helping up and coming writers and content creators make a name for themselves. He’s a talker, so careful if you value your time.

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