SMG Update for Fortnite Season 5 – A Week On

A week on from the SMG's reintroduction. Broke or Bust?

It’s been one week since the Tactical SMG was vaulted and the normal SMG came back into Fortnite. Seven days should be enough time to work out if the gun is good or bad, right? Well, it didn’t take seven days. It took one. This gun is completely broken. Here’s why:

Fire rate – The fire rate on the SMG is incredible. What Epic Games were going for was a fast shooting, low damage gun that can contest Shotguns. What they created? A gun that surpassed Shotguns and in some cases, ARs!

Range – Despite being a close range gun, the SMG has a surprising amount of range. A lot of this is due to the accuracy, but there should be some serious tweaks to the damage dropoff as in medium range combat you could use it in place of an AR. It also melts buildings!


Accuracy – The SMG was made to be a “run and gun” weapon. However, if you slow it down a little, the SMG had a surprising amount of accuracy. It’s quite easy to keep the bloom down to your advantage without letting go of the trigger.

I can hear you say “is there any reason NOT to use the SMG?” In my opinion, no there isn’t. However, it does have some drawbacks:

Ammo – This is the main one. The clip size is 30 bullets and you will rip through that with ease. Taking Light Bullets helps, but you can (and likely will) run out of bullets, especially early game.

Long range – Duh! It’s shocking at 50+ meters. Any closer though and it’s certainly viable!

Other choices – For Light Bullets, you can use the Minigun which can tear through buildings quicker and without the reload. However, you don’t get the same damage to players or accuracy. Then you have shotguns which are still something most players will use. Would you take a Green SMG or Purple Heavy? It’s a debate I’ve had on the battlefield too many times as of late.

So what do I feel needs to be done to make this weapon a little fairer? To be fair, not much. It’s more that other weapons need tweaking:

Reduce range and accuracy slightly – To make it a less medium-range weapon and keep it close quarters. The fire rate and damage are fine.

Buff shotguns damage – I never thought I would say this. Back in late Season 4, Epic Games reduced the damage and headshot multiplier for all shotguns. With the SMG conquering the close quarters battle, Epic should buff the shotguns back to the way they were as it would allow for two styles of play.  A slower shot that if not accurate can do little damage or a high firing SMG. It’ll give more variety.

Other than that, I think the new SMG is in a good place. With the P90 dropping today, being the Epic and Legendary versions of the SMG, who knows whether it will run into the same issues. All I know is for now shotguns can say bye-bye to my playtime!

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