Fortnite Season 5 Rift-To-Go – A Week On.

It's been a week since Epic Games released the "Rift-To-Go." How has it affected the game and is it balanced?

Epic Games decided to introduce a new item rather than a new weapon last week, the “Rift-To-Go”. This portable rift can be deployed with a small charge-up time and send you flying into the sky. It also leaves a rift in its wake for ten seconds, allowing teammates or even enemies to follow you. So what impact did this item have, one week on? Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG, Guided Missile, Double-Barrel Shotgun and Heavy Sniper from previous weeks!

The Rift-To-Go was something I initially wasn’t sure I would like. However, after using it and being on the receiving end, my opinion has completely converted. The Rift-To-Go can be used for many different situations, including moving out of the storm from far areas of the map, escaping an enemies gunfire, engaging on an enemy with a surprise attack, to regain high ground, or to simply reposition.

With the Rift-To-Go only stackable up to two, it’s not like your enemy will be bouncing across the map in every bad situation. It also takes up a slot, which some people will not want to give up if they have what they deem the “perfect loadout.” This can, however, be avoided due to the fact the rift opens up. If you use your Rift-To-Go, fly straight down, pick up the item you dropped to use said Rift-To-Go, and then hop into the rift again, you’ll still have all your items!

Rift-To-Go’s also come in Epic rarity, meaning that they are pretty rare to come across. Unless you are playing 50v50 (or Solid Gold 50v50 as it currently is), you are unlikely to find more than one in a game and several people will panic and use it immediately anyway. If you can hold on until late game though, the Rift-To-Go becomes a deadly tool for positioning, scouting, and diving upon fighting enemies.

Many people are speculating that the Rift-To-Go is how Epic Games plans to keep the rifts in Fortnite, which has been proven to be a fan favorite. Because rifts are linked to Season 5, it is highly unlikely they will continue to be present in the game come September 24th when Season 6 will presumably start. This was the case at the beginning of Season 5 where Hop Rocks from Season 4 disappeared from the Fortnite map. I personally hope rifts stay in the game as they speed up gameplay and make the edges of the map easier to loot, however, the Rift-To-Go is a great alternative and replacement if this is not the case.

Overall, I think the Rift-To-Go is a balanced item and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the late game this item can be incredibly useful, and in the early game, it can also become a tool to allow extra time to loot and farm in normally unsafe areas. I hope Epic Games does not remove it in Season 6 like they will probably do to the normal rifts.

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