Fortnite Season 5 Grappler Update – One Week Later

It's been a week since "The Getaway" Update was released, and with it the Grappler. What impact did it have on the game, one week later

To tie in with “The Getaway,” Fortnite’s newest special LTM (limited time mode), the Grappler was released. This item – a grapple gun – allows you to swing like Spiderman from tree to tree, or even onto a house or building. The Grappler has been rumored to have been introduced into the game since Season 3. So, what effect does the long-awaited item have, one week on? Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG, Guided Missile, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, Rift-To-Go and Shockwave Grenades from previous weeks!

The Grappler comes in an Epic rarity and has fifteen charges. One charge is consumed per completed use, so if you spam the trigger and you don’t actually grapple onto anything you will not lose a charge. I was able to find these in around a quarter of the games I played (around 30), be it me using it, or an enemy using it against me. It seems that the drop rate is higher than the Rift-To-Go introduced last week, which I hadn’t seen at all during these thirty games.

Now onto the balance itself. The range of the Grappler is pretty pants. You have to be quite close to an object to use it and some of the hitboxes are a little weird–mostly the top of trees. However, this does not make the Grappler useless. I was able to escape an enemies fire by using the Grappler, and in another instance was able to get behind an enemy while they were fighting my teammate. There isn’t a cooldown either. The only delay is the Grappler shooting the grappling hook itself. From my experiences, I can totally see how the Grappler could be used to initiate gunfights as well if you only have a shotgun or SMG, or even give you the high ground if you’re close to a hill or piece of exposed building work.

As for how fun it is to use? The answer is extremely fun. I found it especially satisfying to use in the Soaring 50v50 mode, as you could shoot it towards the top of a tree and glide a distance. It allows for faster movement and is rather fluid. In addition, there are several clips of players using the Grappler to have barrels of fun, including doing a series of tricks and finishing it off with a golf putt. I can fully see the Grappler being used for a more fun use, like the Shockwave Grenade, than a practical one. That isn’t to say, however, that it’s completely useless.

Overall, the Grappler is a fun item added to the game. The range is short, and it only has 15 charges, but it is extremely fun to use. It can be combined with other mobility tools to move extremely fast and can be used to initiate or disengage from combat. I personally would pick this up over Impulse or Shockwave Grenades if given the chance.

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