Fortnite Season 5 Double Barrel Shotgun – A Week On

A week ago, Epic Games released a new shotgun into Fortnite, the Double Barrel shotgun, to (hopefully) combat the lack of power that shotguns had in the “Spray and Pray” meta. This shotgun, which looks like the Olympia, is a two-shot, double-barreled shotgun that does high damage at extremely close range. With one bullet capable of doing over 150 damage, hitting both will definitely grant a kill. That’s the plan anyway. Let’s have a look at what the Double Barrel shotgun actually does in the game, and what effect it had on the meta, one week later. Be sure to check out my analysis on the SMG, Compact SMG and Guided Missile from previous weeks!

The Double Barrel Shotgun only comes in Epic and Legendary rarity–like the Heavy Shotgun, meaning the chance to even get one is pretty slim. Unlike the other shotgun choices, (even the Heavy Shotgun), it seems to be rarer to find. You can, however, buy them from Vending Machines, which has just gotten a rework for fewer materials. This means you may have a chance of getting one, even if one didn’t drop. However, you still need to find an Epic or Legendary Vending Machine.

 Let’s look at the pros. The gun is powerful… very powerful. If you hit both of your shots and most of the 10 pellets connect, you will kill someone, even if they were 100 health, 100 shield. The reload time isn’t too bad, although you do have to reload after every two shots. You can easily shoot someone twice and if you miss quickly build to reload.

Now let’s look at the cons. The rarity, as stated above, is high. You’re unlikely to get the gun in every game you play. Secondly, it’s stated that the Double Barrel shotgun does high damage at EXTREMELY close range. This literally means point blank. You have to be so close to people to do any damage at all. If you get a few meters away, maybe ten or so, you won’t do much, if any damage. This drawback has many (myself included) preferring the Heavy shotgun over the Double Barrel, as the Heavy shotgun still does decent damage over distance.

I personally think that this gun is well suited for being a replacement over the Pump Shotgun, but I am not sure if I would pick it over the Tactical. I certainly wouldn’t pick it over the Heavy shotgun. While the extremely close quarters’ damage almost guarantees a kill, if you aren’t barrel poking someone, you aren’t going to get that result. I think to change this they should have a weaker, secondary value to be done at the normal range of a shotgun. This means it’s still the best to be barrel poking, but if you find yourself fighting at a close distance, rather than extremely close, you will still have a chance at coming out victorious.

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